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Life Thru a Lens (1997)

1. Lazy Days (Lyrsense) (Амальгама)
2. Life Thru a Lens (Lyrsense) (Амальгама)
3. Ego a Go Go (Lyrsense) (Амальгама)
4. Angels (Lyrsense) (Амальгама)
5. South Of The Border (Lyrsense) (Амальгама)
6. Old Before I Die (Lyrsense) (Амальгама)
7. One of God's Better People (Lyrsense) (Амальгама)
8. Let Me Entertain You (Lyrsense) (Амальгама)
9. Killing Me (Lyrsense) (Амальгама)
10. Clean (RWFS) (Lyrsense) (Амальгама)
11. Baby Girl Window (Lyrsense) (Амальгама)
+ Hello Sir (бонус-трек) (RWFS) (Амальгама)



I’ve Been Expecting You (1998)

1. Strong (RWFS) (Lyrsense) (Амальгама)
2. No Regrets (RWFS) (Lyrsense) (Амальгама)
3. Millennium (RWFS) (Lyrsense) (Амальгама)
4. Phoenix From The Flames (Lyrsense) (Амальгама)
5. Win Some Lose Some (Lyrsense) (Амальгама)
6. Grace (Lyrsense) (Амальгама)
7. Jesus In A Camper Van (Lyrsense) (Амальгама)
8. Heaven From Here (RWFS) (Lyrsense) (Амальгама)
9. Karma Killer (RWFS) (Lyrsense) (Амальгама)
10. She's The One (Lyrsense) (Амальгама)
11. Man Machine (Lyrsense) (Амальгама)
12. These Dreams (RWFS) (Lyrsense) (Амальгама)
13. Stand Your Ground (бонус-трек) (RWFS) (Амальгама)
14. Stalker's Day Off (бонус-трек) (Амальгама)

- It's Only Us



Sing When You’re Winning (2000)

1. Let Love Be Your Energy (Lyrsense) (Амальгама)
2. Better Man (Lyrsense) (Амальгама)
3. Rock DJ (Lyrsense) (Амальгама)
4. Supreme (RWFS) (Lyrsense) (Амальгама)
5. Kids (Lyrsense) (Амальгама)
6. If It's Hurting You (RWFS) (Lyrsense)
7. Singing For The Lonely (Lyrsense) (Амальгама)
8. Love Calling Earth (RWFS) (Lyrsense)
9. Knutsford City Limits (Lyrsense)
10. Forever Texas (Lyrsense)
11. By All Means Necessary (RWFS) (Lyrsense)
12. The Road To Mandalay (RWFS) (Lyrsense)
- Supreme (french vers.) (RWFS)
- Ser Mejor (Better Man spanish vers.)



Swing When You’re Winning (2001)

1. I Will Talk And Hollywood Will Listen (Lyrsense)
2. Mack The Knife
3. Somethin' Stupid (Lyrsense)
4. Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me (Lyrsense)
5. It Was A very Good Year (Lyrsense)
6. Straighten Up And Fly Right (Lyrsense)
7. Well Did You Eveah
8. Mr Bojangles
9. One For My Baby
10. Things
11. Ain't That Aa Kick In The Head
12. They Can't Take That Away From Me (Lyrsense)
13. Have You Met Miss Jones ? (Lyrsense)
14. Me And My Shadow (Lyrsense)
15. Beyond The Sea (Lyrsense)



Escapology (2002)

1. How Peculiar (Lyrsense)
2. Feel (RWFS) (Lyrsense) (Амальгама)
3. Something Beautiful (Lyrsense)
4. Monsoon (Lyrsense)
5. Sexed Up (RWFS) (Амальгама)
6. Love Somebody (Lyrsense) (Амальгама)
7. Revolution (RWFS)
8. Handsome Man (Lyrsense)
9. Come Undone (RWFS) (Lyrsense) (Амальгама)
10. Me and My Monkey (RWFS) (Амальгама)
11. Song 3
12. Hot Fudge
13. Cursed (RWFS) (Lyrsense)
14. Nan's Song (RWFS)
- How Peculiar (Reprise) (бонус-трек)
- I Tried Love (бонус-трек) (RWFS)
- Get a Little High (US версия альбома)
- One Fine Day (US версия альбома)



Intensive Care (2005)

1. Ghosts (RWFS) (Lyrsense)
2. Tripping (RWFS) (Lyrsense) (Амальгама)
3. Make Me Pure (Lyrsense) (Амальгама)
4. Spread Your Wings (RWFS) (Амальгама)
5. Advertising Space (RWFS) (Lyrsense) (Амальгама)
6. Please Don't Die (RWFS) (Lyrsense)
7. Your Gay Friend (RWFS) (Lyrsense)
8. Sin Sin Sin (RWFS) (Lyrsense) (Амальгама)
9. Random Acts Of Kindness (RWFS) (Lyrsense)
10. The Trouble With Me (RWFS) The Trouble With Me / The Trouble With Me (Lyrsense) (Амальгама)
11. A Place To Crash (RWFS)
12. King Of Bloke and Bird (RWFS)



Rudebox (2006)

1. Rudebox (RWFS) (Амальгама)
2. Viva Life On Mars (Амальгама)
3. Lovelight (Lyrsense) (Амальгама)
4. Bongo Bong
5. She's Madonna (RWFS) (Lyrsense) (Амальгама)
6. Keep On
7. Good Doctor
8. The Actor (RWFS) (Lyrsense) (Амальгама)
9. Never Touch This Switch (Амальгама)
10. Louise (RWFS) (Lyrsense) (Амальгама)
11. We're The Pet Shop Boys
12. Burslem Normals (RWFS)
13. Kiss Me
14. The 80's (RWFS)
15. The 90's (RWFS)
16. Summertime
17. Dickhead (бонус-трек) (RWFS)



Reality Killed the Video Star (2009)

1. Morning Sun https://en.lyrsense.com/robbie_williams/morning_sun
2. Bodies https://en.lyrsense.com/robbie_williams/bodies
3. You Know Me https://en.lyrsense.com/robbie_williams/you_know_me
4. Blasphemy https://en.lyrsense.com/robbie_williams/blasphemy
5. Do You Mind? https://en.lyrsense.com/robbie_williams/do_you_mind
6. Last Days Of Disco https://en.lyrsense.com/robbie_williams … s_of_disco
7. Somewhere https://en.lyrsense.com/robbie_williams/somewhere
8. Deceptacon https://en.lyrsense.com/robbie_williams/deceptacon_
9. Starstruck https://en.lyrsense.com/robbie_williams/starstruck
10. Difficult For Weirdos https://en.lyrsense.com/robbie_williams … or_weirdos
11. Superblind https://en.lyrsense.com/robbie_williams/superblind_
12. Won't Do That https://en.lyrsense.com/robbie_williams/wont_do_that
13. Morning Sun (Reprise)
14. Arizona (iTunes bonus track) https://en.lyrsense.com/robbie_williams/arizona_



Take The Crown (2012)

1. Be A Boy (Lyrsense)
2. Gospel
3. Candy (RWFS) (Lyrsense)
4. Different (Lyrsense)
5. Shit On The Radio (Lyrsense)
6. All That I Want
7. Hunting For You (Lyrsense)
8. Into The Silence (RWFS)
9. Hey Wow Yeah Yeah
10. Not Like The Others
11. Losers (feat. Lissie) (Lyrsense)
12. Reverse
13. Eight Letters



Swings Both Ways (2013)

1. Shine My Shoes
2. Go Gentle
3. I Wan'na Be Like You (feat. Olly Murs)
4. Swing Supreme
5. Swings Both Ways (feat. Rufus Wainwright)
6. Dream A Little Dream (feat. Lily Allen)
7. Soda Pop (feat. Michael Bublé)
8. Snowblind
9. Puttin' On The Ritz
10. Little Green Apples (feat. Kelly Clarkson)
11. Minnie The Moocher
12. If I Only Had a Brain
13. No One Likes a Fat Pop Star
14. Where There's Muck
15. 16 Tons
16. Wedding Bells



Under The Radar Vol. 1 (2014)



The Heavy Entertainment Show (2016)

1. Heavy Entertainment Show
2. Party Like a Russian
3. Mixed Signals
4. Love My Life
5. Motherfucker
6. Bruce Lee
7. Sensitive
8. David’s Song
9. Pretty Woman
10. Hotel Crazy (Robbie Williams & Rufus Wainwright)
11. Sensational

12. When You Know
13. Time On Earth
14. I Don’t Want to Hurt You (Robbie Williams & John Grant)
15. Best Intentions
16. Marry Me



Under The Radar Vol.2 (2017)

1. Satellites (Амальгама)
2. 9 to 5 (Амальгама)
3. Ms Pepper (Амальгама)
4. Bambi (Амальгама)
5. Eyes On The Highway (Амальгама)
6. Speaking Tongues (Амальгама)
7. Go Mental (ft. Big Narstie & Atlantic Horns) (Lyrsense) (Амальгама)
8. Run It Wild (Lyrsense) (Амальгама)
9. Numb (Амальгама)
10. Andy Warhol (Амальгама)
11. My Fuck You To You (Амальгама)
12. Weakness
13. Booty Call (Амальгама)
14. On The Fence (Амальгама)
15. International Entertainment



Under The Radar Vol.3 (2019)

1. The Impossible
2. Gold
3. Dirty Rotten
4. Good People
5. Indestructible
6. Indestructible (Project Money Remix)
7. No Fu**ks
8. Underkill
9. Bye Bye
10. Reality Killed The Video Star
11. I Just Want People To Like Me
12. Hunting For You (Acoustic)
13. Into The Silence (Ambient Mix)
14. The National Anthem Of Robbie

15. Home Again
15. Gold (Alternative Version)



The Christmas Present (2019)

CD1 - Christmas Past
1. Winter Wonderland *
2. Merry Xmas Everybody (featuring Jamie Cullum) * (Lyrsense)
3. Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! *
4. The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire) *
5. Coco’s Christmas Lullaby
6. Rudolph (Lyrsense)
7. Yeah! It’s Christmas
8. It’s a Wonderful Life (Featuring Poppa Pete)
9. Let’s Not Go Shopping (Lyrsense)
10. Santa Baby (featuring Helene Fischer) *
11. Best Christmas Ever
12. One Last Christmas
13. Coco’s Christmas Lullaby Reprise

CD2 - Christmas Future
1. Time For Change
2. Idlewild
3. Darkest Night
4. Fairytales (featuring Rod Stewart)
5. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) (featuring Bryan Adams) * (Lyrsense)
6. Bad Sharon" (featuring Tyson Fury)
7. Happy Birthday Jesus Christ
8. New Year’s Day
9. Snowflakes
10. Home
11. Soul Transmission
12. I Believe in Father Christmas *
13. Not Christmas
14. Merry Kissmas​
15. It Takes Two (featuring Rod Stewart) *


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