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Chris Moyles - The Difficult Second Album

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* 1.An Album By Chris Moyles - (Feat. Pixie Lott)
    * 2.Too Old For This - (Feat. Rizzle Kicks)
    * 3.Not That Polite - (Feat. Olly Murs)
    * 4.Insane - (Feat. Gary Barlow)
    * 5.Track 5 (and a bit) - (Feat. Ricky Wilson & 'Weird Al' Yankovic)
* 6.I.L.M.P - (Feat. Robbie Williams)
    * 7.Corden - (Feat. James Corden)
    * 8.Pissed (with pie) - (Feat. Somebody)
    * 9.Beep Beep - (Feat. Roy Walker)
    * 10.Track 10 (and a bit) - (Feat. Suzanna)
    * 11.Potty Training - (Feat. Ms. G)
    * 12.Charity Song - (Feat. Everybody)

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Не зря на альбом обратили раньше внимание.

Веселые названия на релизе.
Трек номер 5 уже слышал и не раз =)


Ребят, Роб еще свой голос подарил и последней песне, Charity Song.

Рождественский чарт? )




Трейлер альбома, но без Роба


Пока отрывки, но это очень смешно )))


I.L.M.P - да, прекрасно ))

Charity Song и ее текст - такой стеб)

Insane (которая с Гари) - это вообще-то Shame переделанная )))




Яркие сегодня заголовки  :lol:

Robbie Williams Sings Penis Song For Chris Moyles LP


- Hey, Robbie. How much do you love your penis?
- I love it more than football



для чего выпускают такие альбомы? или для кого?


Для улыбки


Я Charity Song послушал в день ее появления утром перед работой и голоса Робби не услышал.

Каюсь, конечно он там поет фрагмент


Подпеваем )


Well listen everybody let me tell you about me.
I love a lot of things in life like the birds and the bees
I love holidays in Spain and weekends in Leeds
But most of all I love my penis. Yeah

And here's my friend to tell you what he loves. Ladies and Gentlemen Mr Robbie Williams

I love cute little babies with their tiny little hands
I love laying on the beach and playing in the sand.
I love walking in the park with the wind in the trees
but most of all I love my penis

They love love love their penis
They love love love their penis

I love the sunrise in the morning it's a lovely sight
I love watching crappy films late into the night
I love Michael Jackson records like Black and While
but most of all I love my penis.

They love love love their penis
They love love love their penis

I love bobbing up and down in the Caribbean sea
I love watching the teli with a mug of tea
I watch anything presented by Holly Willoughby
I bet she'd love my penis

Hey Rob how much do you love your penis.
I love it more than football
Wow that's a lot of love
Do you love your penis more than Leeds
I take my penis everywhere I go

He sure does
Look at this little fella
It's a lovely little thing
So is yours
It's smiling at me
Well that's because he's a big fan of you Robbie
Play it boys

I love lazy Sunday mornings
a laying in bed
I love sitting down to dinner with a basket of bread
I love the technology of infrared
But most of all mmm penis
That's right

So sing along with us if you're feeling the same
Just be proud of your willy, don't be ashamed
So stand up proud and loudly proclaim
We love our penises

They're the men who's got it all
Sophisticated, handsome and very tall
They're more delicious than a piece of cake
More than in love with their trouser snake

They love love love their penis
They love love love their penis
(lots of times)

I love my penis
So do I

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