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2023 - Следующий альбом. Обсуждения, слухи

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Так как через интервью проскакивает год следующий для следующего студийного альбома, то оставим и здесь эту подборку из 2020, уж слишком она крута.

Любимый отрывок - 37:53 - 40:43 {New Serif In Town}.
Принс бы похвалил!

Названия не все реальные, но пока они не обрели релизов, вправе называться как угодно.
Пока за два года из них всех мы узнали о двух треках Lufthaus - выделил жирным. Плюс Disco Delilah из 2000го.

0:00 - 2:12 {Are We Awake}
2:13 - 2:47 {Bobby Williams}
2:51 - 4:34 {Please Forgive Me}
6:10 - 10:17 {Blue World}
10:19 - 12:49 {Coco's Song}
12:56 - 14:51 {You don't See Me Like I See You}
14:58 - 17:17 {SOUL SEEKERS (LUFTHAUS)}
17:35 - 21:29 {Paranoid}
22:03 - 23:25 {The Mountain}
23:26 - 25:46 {Not A Robot}
25:49 - 27:11 {Turn It On}
27:20 - 30:53 {Eileen}
31:43 - 34:54 {Disco Delilah}
35:07 - 36:33 {High Of You}
36:46 - 37:40 {Working Class Jesus}
37:53 - 40:43 {New Serif In Town}
41:08 - 42:07 {Flynn Francis Song}
42:19 - 43:31 {Self-Defense}
43:33 - 45:55 {Raver's Soul}
46:01 - 47:19 {Swing Track}
47:22 - 48:34 {Working Class Jesus again}
48:39 - 49:40 {Hey Dj}
49:46 - 50:32 {Not A Robot again}
50:46 - 51:59 {Te Queiro}
52:19 - 54:49 {Comment Section}
54:51 - 56:20 {Ask The Girl}
56:27 - 57:37 {You're Divine}
57:43 - 58:50 {Why Oh Why}
59:05 - 1:00:17 {Can't Fuck With Us}
1:00:26 - 1:01:31 {SWAY (LUFTHAUS)}
1:01:37 - 1:02:41 {Seven Billion Faces}
1:02:45 - 1:03:34 {sounds like a Progress song}
1:03:35 - 1:04:21{Talking Too Much}


Во время недавнего интервью Уильямс сказал, что в следующей полноформатной пластинке он вернется «назад в 1995 год».

https://virginradio.co.uk/music/70537/r … next-album

Robbie Williams has ‘decided to go back to 1995’ for his next album
Virgin Radio

1 Aug 2022, 13:28

Robbie Williams on stage

Pop legend Robbie Williams has given fans an update about his future music, saying that he is planning on taking a trip back in time when working on his next record.

The former Take That star has released twelve studio albums so far in an illustrious solo career, and next month will drop the album XXV, a collection of orchestral reworkings of his greatest hits to mark 25 years as a solo artist.

However, when it comes to thinking about his next record, Robbie has revealed that he is looking right back to where it all started.

In a new interview with The Telegraph, he said he will be going back to the 90s, but with the benefit of 25 years of learning and living at his disposal. “I’ve decided to go back to 1995. I’ve just left Take That. And now, with the knowledge, musical knowledge that I have, what would be the album that I would make?” he said.

It has been a quarter-of-a-century since Robbie’s first solo record, 1997's Life Thru A Lens, was released, and speaking about his body of work, the artist told the publication: “I’ve never been truly happy with what I’ve made or done.

“Maybe I hadn’t appreciated what I’d done nearly enough as I did it.”

XXV will land on 9th September, and was recorded with the Dutch jazz and pop orchestra, Metropole Orkest. “I'm so excited to announce my new album 'XXV' which celebrates many of my favourite songs from the past 25 years,” Robbie said in a statement. “Each track has a special place in my heart so it was a real thrill to record them again with the Metropole Orkest. Can't wait for you all to hear it.”

It was recently reported that the former boy band star will feature in a new tell-all documentaryabout his life and career.

A film about the musician is also in the works. Entitled Better Man, and directed by Michael Gracey (from The Greatest Showman), the film will see Robbie play himself in his later years, while Jonno Davies will star as the Take That star in his younger days.