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Альбом "Progressed"

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Вот так дела!

Уже 13 июня релиз!



Диск 1
When We Were Young
Love Love
The Day The Work Is Done
Don't Say Goodbye
Wonderful World

Диск 2
Титульный альбом Progress






отрывки новых песен

Роб только в одной, похоже )


а продажи этих 2 сд будут прибавляться к прогрессу?


Слав, я задавался этим вопросом, но никто внятно так и не ответил

у Гаги отдельно считались

в данном случае скорее всего он будет плюсоваться


отзывы на песни

Starts off like 'I Have A Dream', ends up like a Coldplay song, contains various lyrics about assumptions that "none of us would fail at this life", "when we were young the world seemed so old" and so on (YES WE GET THE IDEA YOU'RE A MANBAND), has a massive "whoah-oh-OH WHEN WE WERE YOUNG" chorus hook, is mid tempo, is not electronic.
Should it have been on the main album? YES

This sounds like most of the bangers on 'Progress', except it's no good.
Should it have been on the main album? NO

This is obviously quite exciting but would be a lot better without Gary trying to sound manly in the opening lines.
Should it have been on the main album? YES

Sounds a bit like Bodies Without Organs in the intro with various Markowenisms along the lines of "manufacture for the human race", "start a riot in the streets my friend" and so on. Lots of clattering drums. All the lyrics are very serious-sounding but we've listened to this a few times now and have literally no grasp on what it's about. Is it about socialism? No idea.
Should it have been on the main album? NO

This song - another banger - is a ridiculous and brilliant romp with a massive Stuart Price moment at about the 3:15 mark. Again, the lyrics sound great - "it should have been so beautuful, should have been my proudest moment, how to have and lose you all, how to be a disappointment", "save your cheers and my applause, I never was worth fighting for" - but we're not certain what it's all about. We are presuming it is about Robbie leaving the band but a few bits don't add up. It upsets us and makes us nervous when pop music doesn't make sense.
Should it have been on the main album? YES

This is a spooky electroballad that starts off sounding a bit like something off 'Rudebox' so is therefore brilliant by default, except it also blossoms into a huge Barlowchorus THEN starts to sound a bit like 'No Regrets' and THEN starts sounding really sad and THEN sounds a bit like 'Pure Shores' so might actually be even better than something off 'Rudebox'. (Actually it's objectively not better than at least five songs off 'Rudebox' but it's still really good.) Chorus: "Don't say goodbye to the world until you've loved somebody, don't say goodbye to the world until you've lived like kings and queens, I'll be the first and last thing that you see, but don't say goodbye to me."
Should it have been on the main album? YES

Starts off with absurd, War Of The Worlds-referencing spoken word intro of "no-one would have believed in the first years of the 21st century that humans would be transformed into machines", then turns into Michael Jackson's 'Beat It' with a weird robot voice going "ALIEN ALIEN" over the top, and then spins off in a completely different direction again. "We are the aliens," the band sing. "We are we are we are." Hm...
Should it have been on the main album? NO.

A ballad - not a very good one, but a ballad nonetheless - to finish everything off. It is a song about time passing and you not being able to hold onto it and all that sort of jazz. Ends with a clock ticking, then a bell. Presumably this is the bell tolling and we are all now DEAD, anything after this point being a glimpse of the afterlife. Well readers, we are looking around the office and it seems pretty familiar. Perhaps we have been dead for some time. Perhaps you have too. Perhaps for the entire time we have known each other we have all been dead. Perhaps Popjustice.com actually came into existence when you died. What we are trying to say here, readers, and we don't think this is too far fetched a concept, is that perhaps Popjustice might be Heaven or, perhaps, Hell. Well that's the logical explanation anyway.
Should it have been on the main album? NO

1. Take That left some good stuff off 'Progress'.
2. Take That also left some not-so-good stuff off 'Progress'.
3. Take That certainly have a way with a tune.
4. We prefer them when they're not doing the whole "ooh we're freedom fighters for a generation on the edge of a precipice of Armageddon" business.
5. The artwork looked better in yellow.


альбом есть в Сети и Контакте

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черт, да EP куда круче, чем Progress (к которому я тк и не прикипел)!! Гораздо более мелодичный, самый настоящий приятный поп-альбом.
Кстати, недавно Марк и Роб давали интервью по поводу Люди-Икс и там их спросили, откуда взялся этот EP. Марк ответил, что в "завершении нашего 18-месячного проекта с Робби мы хотели оставить еще несколько совместных песен". И правда

Genre: Pop
Size: 153 MB


1. Take That - The Flood 04:49
2. Take That - SOS 03:44
3. Take That - Wait 04:15
4. Take That - Kidz 04:42
5. Take That - Pretty Things 04:03
6. Take That - Happy Now 04:03
7. Take That - Underground Machine 04:15
8. Take That - What Do You Want From Me? 04:37
9. Take That - Affirmation 03:54
10. Take That - Eight Letters 08:47
1. Take That - When We Were Young 04:34
2. Take That - Man 04:39
3. Take That - Love Love 03:43
4. Take That - The day The Work Is Done 04:04
5. Take That - Beautiful 04:14
6. Take That - Don't Say Goodbye 03:54
7. Take That - Aliens 04:48
8. Take That - Wonderful World 04:58


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Take That - Progressed [MP3 / V0 (VBR) / CD / Scene]
1. Take That - When We Were Young 04:34
2. Take That - Man 04:39
3. Take That - Love Love 03:43
4. Take That - The day The Work Is Done 04:04
5. Take That - Beautiful 04:14
6. Take That - Don't Say Goodbye 03:54
7. Take That - Aliens 04:48
8. Take That - Wonderful World 04:58


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черт, да EP куда круче, чем Progress (к которому я тк и не прикипел)!! Гораздо более мелодичный, самый настоящий приятный поп-альбом.

да ну.. ерунда какая-то.. Don't Say Goodbye фообще фуфуфу) Барлоу в своем худшем проявлении


хороший альбом, не понравилась только Wonderful World.

320 kbps http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/6456844/Ta...2011)_320KB_TBS (торрент)

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опять танцульки..зачтена только 1я целиком и полностью.


Есть одно неоспоримое преимущество у Progressed перед титульным альбомом лично для меня. Мне его сразу захотелось переслушать вновь.
Увы, Progress был лишь по долгу службы принят, но даже по прошествии 7 месяцев я не люблю тот альбом, слишком он рваным был и более экспериментальным, чем цельным, да и мне не хватало в нем главного - мелодии. Были интересные решения, интересный вокал, а в большинстве своем шумящий уход в другую область и стиль музыки и я бы не сказал, что он дался так уж просто группе, не говоря о поклонниках Take That (про Робби молчу).

Думаю, я бы так и не принял Прогресс-эру вообще никогда, если бы не новый EP. И хотя Love Love мне понравилась, она меня и огорчила в момент появления, потому что я посчитал, что весь альбом будет продолжением "старшего брата", к которому, безусловно относится и последний сингл.
Но то, что слушаю сегодня, приводит совсем в другое состояние. Все вы прекрасно знаете, что я целиком и полностью предан Робу и болезненно в свое время принял его приход в Take That, как и большинство из вас. Так вот. Послушав EP, я... я немного сгрустнул, что их сотрудничество прервется на неопределенный срок (как бы я ни желал сольник и при том, что самого Робби крайне мало на этом бонус-альбоме). Нет, не потому что песни какие-то потрясающие, а просто потому, что в этой мелодичности, которая звучит на Progressed, для меня таится ответ, почему же их партнерство приносит удовольствие и Робби, и всем остальным ребятам. И это самое важное, что сделал для меня этот EP. Спасибо всей пятерке!

У меня есть желание разобрать песни по отдельности, но рано. Поэтому я не буду делать это сейчас, хотя уже 3 раза прогнал Progressed и лучше сделаю это хотя бы через несколько дней, когда прислушаюсь еще лучше...

Скажу лишь одно. Если бы они выкинули Beautiful и вместо нее поставили Rocket Ship, то моя радость была бы еще сильнее.
А вообще...позволите помечтать? :)

Я бы хотел, чтобы треклист Progress выглядел бы вот так:

1, The Flood
2. Love Love
3. Underground Machine
4. When We Were Young
5. The Day The Work Is Done
6. Rocket Ship
7. SOS
8. Eight Letters
9. Man
10. Pretty Things
11. Wonderful World
Бонус трек:
12. Flowerbed


The Flood
Love Love
Rocket Ship

Промо-сингл (он так и просится на обилие ремиксов) Man:

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мне очень понравилась песня Aliens, точнее, могла бы понравится.. её могли сделать еще лучше, еще убийственнее, но не хватило таланта походу, начало песни клевое, припевы слабые, и роба бы одного в эту песню.

Отредактировано RudeBoy (10.06.2011 00:49)


Хреновенький альбом. Единственная красивая вещь это "When We Were Young". Ну и еще "Love Love" можно послушать. Все остальные средненькие, никакие песенки.


Гари Барлоу рассказывает про песни из Проресседа
When we were young

We were all at Robs house in LA, we were spending a week there getting Progressed as finished as possible before tour rehearsals started. We were invited to see a screening from an English director to a film called The 3 musketeers. We'd been to see X-men only a few days earlier and wondered if one film was enough! We went along anyway and all loved it. The superwarm and beautiful 3D gave us all a directional idea. To retreat back to acoustic guitars, strings and piano for a song!!! We went up to robs and got cracking. By the end of the day we had "Young" We demoed and took it home for Stuart Price to start work. We did guitars, piano and kit at my studio while stuart worked on the synths.We also spent ages doing lots of vocals to give it one last try at being a boy band! It feels like a hint to where TT land when approaching their next studio album. Back to real instruments with less tempo and lyrics with an emotion edge.


Fot those of you who've seen "Progress Live" you'll hear a snippet of this song in the intro music before the 5 of us enter the stage. It was a lot of fun to make this track and continues our theme of evolution and the question it evokes. The song is kinda 2 songs stiched together. I already had the verse and chorus and mark came in with the spoken word and it all changed. We love the drama of this kind of track.

Love Love

The first day we arrived in LA we went to see a screening of X-Men. The director was Matthew Vaughn, the same guy that we did Stardust with! We left the screening extremely excited about doing a song for this film. It was amazing. We knew we had to blow them away as we knew other people were writing for this movie. We worked on backing track I'd put together before arriving at Robs and soon found some magic! In one play to the director he was in! To be honest the finished record doesn't sound a lot different to the demo. We knew what we wanted from the word go on this one! Stuart added bass and toughened up the synths.We used our demo vocals as it was so vibey and distorted!

The day the work is done

Wow we started work on this song on the Circus album. Of course it didn't fit that album at all but we played what we had to Rob and he loved it. It was in the running to be on Progress too but again we never agreed on the final lyric until we revisited it for Progressed. I think the drums and guitars even made it from the 1st incanation 3 year ago!


Another track that started as a fun housy backing track an turned into a meaningful, strong song. It talks of a recurring nightmare I have that I've done 20 years work to get to here and just wrong moment I do something stupid and throw it all away.

Don't say goodbye

We were all so disappointed that this song didn't make the original record Progress. The chorus lyric was eluding the finishing line. Just as we thought we had it we came back the next day and hated it. And so we rivisited it when we had the idea of doing an add-on album, funny that it was so obvious what it should be when we played it. It's one of my favourites this one. Emotional and powerful.


For those of you who may think Robbie led this song and subject, you're wrong. This started as a backing track, went off to Marks house for the weekend and came back with this sing along anthem on top of it! So nice to hear Howard singing lead too.

Wonderful world

This song is a Mark Owen special. I left him with the backing track over night and he arrived with pretty much the finished thing! Beautifully simple and hypnotic. The vocals were also a lot of fun to do on this track. Thanks to Stuart Price for the ever so 80's half time drum pattern.