вроде как будет. двойной а-сайд The 80's/The 90's.
но всё зависит от того, как скоро Роб выйдет из клиники и на какой срок запланирован Свинг.

ну, а пока вот накидаю в кучу, что пишут.

The 80's/The 90's is a fourth single lifted from Robbie Williams tenth solo album Rudebox. It's a double A-side release of album track's The 80's and The 90's. It could possibly be released 3-6 months after the third single She's Madonna.

The song's release date is currently unknown, however it could be released three months after She's Madonna, the regular industry wait in between singles. But this could possibly change and be up to six months after Robbie's stint in rehab, promotion for the single release and an accompanying video.