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Сингл 'Electrico Romantico' (2019)

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Ждем новый сингл в декабре, друзья :)
https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/7 … -new-song/

Вне альбомов.

The 'Candy' hitmaker has teamed up with French DJ Bob Sinclar on 'Erotico Romantico' - which will be his first new material since 2017's 'The Heavy Entertainment Show' - and it's set to drop early next month.

Bob - whose real name is Christophe Le Friant - told the Daily Star newspaper: "It's a little funky. It's not disco but it's quite slow, and it's very festive with violin arrangements.

"It has a bit of the spirit of Jamiroquai, early 90s, it's different. It's like 100bpm, a very funky piece.

"The guy is just crazy. It was a dream for me to do something with him."

It's thought the 'X Factor' judge could debut the track - which will be released the first week of December - on the ITV singing competition.

Explaining how the collaboration came about, Bob said: "We met at a charity gala by chance.

"I did a set for the audience, he came up to me to say: 'We have to do something together'. I told him: 'Let's go.' "

The two stars worked together in a studio in London, and the song should give both sets of fans something very different.

The DJ added: "It's good to make music with the heart and this is where people say to themselves: 'Bob Sinclar, he does not follow trends - it makes us discover new sounds.' "


А Vegas выйдет когда-то, известно?






Возможно будет называться иначе - Electrico Romantico
И выйдет чуть позже - 18 января 2019



Это точно? всё на 2019 перенес...


Вроде да.
Миш, да ладно, всего-то еще месяц подождать.

Да, 19 будет совсем забойным у него. Хотя и 18 получился очень крутым, когда казалось, что пройдет на расслабоне.


Все верно, 'Electrico Romantico' выйдет 18 января
https://itunes.apple.com/pt/album/elect … QLBaDfwaX0




Пахнуло Рудбоксом...


“I’ll tell you how did this passage: our families, the mine and Bob, have attended the same school … French! And had it not been for this, the song would not be born! We met at a gala in Los Angeles, and then in the studio in London to sing along! Now the song is recorded, done! It’s a monster, and I guarantee you gonna like it! “Said Robbie Williams.

“With Robbie … a dream, and it’s the first time you register a song in London! I’m very very happy !!! “adds Bob Sinclar.


Клип тоже будет, но без Робби. График не позволил.

"Electrico Romantico"
(feat. Robbie Williams)

Everybody's got to be automatic
In your electrico romantico
Try to find head way through the static
Got to get myself some peace
Nobody wants that grief, come on

You and me, yeah
We gonna find a way
And you need me, so
Unplug yourself, let go of the electrico romantico

I don't wanna leave without you anyway
Nobody does it better
I don't wanna leave without you anyway
Nobody does it better than me

You only live online
Unplug yourself, let go, come be a friend of mine
I keep your tan alive
The waters warm and beautiful, just come outside

You and me, yeah
We gonna find a way, yeah
And you need me, so
Unplug yourself, let go of the electrico romantico

I don't wanna leave without you anyway
Nobody does it better
I don't wanna leave without you anyway
Nobody does it better than me

(Swipe left, swipe right) In your heart
(Swipe left, swipe right) In your soul
(Swipe left, swipe right) Get off
(Swipe left) Your phone
(Swipe left, left, left) In your heart
(Swipe right, right, right) In your soul
(Swipe left, left, left) Get off
(Swipe right, right, right) Your phone, come on

I don't wanna leave without you anyway
Nobody does it better
I don't wanna leave without you anyway
Nobody does it better than me



Песня понравилась! Не знаю насколько чартовая, напоминает lovelight, который я очень люблю


Мне тоже зашла, купил)



Мне песня не понравилась, увы. Ну и не Роббина она, так что не страшно )





Written By: Bryan Devleeschouwer, Robbie Williams & Bob Sinclar
Produced by: Bryan Devleeschouwer & Bob Sinclar
Publishing: Farrell Music & Mighty Bop Sessions
Label: Yellow Productions & Time S.p.A.
Release Date: January 19, 2019

Шикарный мэшап!

До кучи:

https://soundcloud.com/laurenth-2/bob-s … nt-h-remix

https://soundcloud.com/mirco-akuma-1014 … uma-mashup



Трешак совсем, по мне, конечно) профит ему был хоть какой?)


Боб ему бесплатное промо делает )
В том числе и на Россию: Робби в видео-послании на Вечернем Урганте сообщил, что скоро вернется в Россию


Трек мелькал в топе горячих в айтьюнсе, кстати. Не такой уж трэшак!)



https://itunes.apple.com/fr/album/elect … 1455090107

1. Electrico Romantico (Bob Sinclar and Rayven & Valexx Disco Radio Edit Mix) 2:55
2. Electrico Romantico (Burak Yeter Remix) 2:50
3. Electro Romantico (Louis Botella's Eivissa Mix) 4:33
4. Electro Romantico (Mark Ursa Remix) 3:06


3 мая выйдет официальный мэшап


И летом Синклэр работает на Ибице под вывеской сингла. Так что бесплатная реклама и Робби