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Мюзикл 'The Boy In the Dress' (2019)

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Ждем премьеру зимой 2019!

https://www.broadwayworld.com/article/R … S-20180524

Baz Bamigboye of The Daily Mail has just reported that pop singer Robbie Williams has signed on to write the music and lyrics for a stage adaptation of the best-selling children's novel The Boy in the Dress.

The Boy In The Dress is a novel by David Walliams with illustrations by Quentin Blake. It is the first book by Walliams, a television comedian best known for the show Little Britain.

The Boy in the Dress tells the story of a twelve-year-old boy who enjoys cross-dressing, and the reactions of his family and friends.

According to Baz, the show will be directed by David Goran and will be produced by the Royal Shakespeare Company.

It is currently slated for a run at Stratford in winter of 2019, with the hopes of hitting the West End sometime in 2020.



Дэвид сказал, что Робби с Гаем подготовили 28 композиций для мюзикла!!

Гай сказал, что выпустят саундтрек на диске


Все по правде! Ура!
https://www.rsc.org.uk/the-boy-in-the-d … ium=social



Прям дико рад, что с Гаем продолжили свое плавание

Keep an eye on RobbieWilliams.com, as Robbie has promised to share some of the new music soon! Booking for RSC members opens on 18 February, before the public on-sale opens on 18 March.

Our Winter season ensures Shakespeare’s spirit is alive in the most exciting writers of today and demonstrates that we are investing in those new voices in order to better understand and reflect upon the world we live in. Gregory Doran, RSC Artistic Director

The Royal Shakespeare Company’s Winter 2019 season has been announced today and it includes the stage premiere of a new musical adaptation of The Boy in the Dress, based on the best-selling novel by David Walliams with songs by Robbie Williams and Guy Chambers.

The musical, directed by Gregory Doran, and adapted by Mark Ravenhill, plays in the Royal Shakespeare Theatre from this November.

David Walliams said: “I’m delighted to be working with the Royal Shakespeare Company to bring this, my first children’s novel, to the stage.

“It’s now 10 years since The Boy in the Dress was first published and we’ve come a long way in that time.

“Ultimately, I wanted to write a story that encouraged people to recognise that difference can be celebrated, that it’s ok to be yourself.

“I’ve always loved musicals and, somehow, I’d always imagined this book to be made into a musical so to be working with the RSC, Mark Ravenhill and song-writing partners Robbie Williams and Guy Chambers on this new production feels like a dream collaboration.”

Mark Ravenhill said: “I first came across The Boy in the Dress when I was Playwright in Residence at the Royal Shakespeare Company back in 2012.

“I remember thinking that it was such a gripping, entertaining and life-affirming story with all the ingredients of a great stage show.

“The Royal Shakespeare Company has a fantastic track record of producing family shows so when David suggested making his novel into a musical, I thought, let’s go for it!

Robbie Williams and Guy Chambers added: “We’re beyond excited to be working with the RSC on our first musical theatre collaboration.

“We are both big fans of David’s books, so when he approached us about writing the soundtrack to a new musical version of The Boy in the Dress for the RSC, we were genuinely delighted.

“There’s a real freshness, cheekiness and heart to David’s writing which we’ve worked really hard to capture in the music.

“It’s been a really exciting and rewarding journey and we can’t wait to share the show with audiences when it premieres in Stratford-upon-Avon this winter”.

The Boy in the Dress, by David Walliams, adapted by Mark Ravenhill, Royal Shakespeare Theatre, November 8 – March 8.




I hope to get to see this show, would be very interesting to see something different from Robbie & Guy apart from the albums they have done together


You're right, Tess.
That's great to see they work together and trying to make something new for both.
There is an information that production of the show has been taken for 6 years!
So who knows when Rob & Guy started to work on this...


Написали композиции к мюзиклу Гай с Робби за 2 недели.
Диск точно будет!


Это мьюзикл о трансвеститах?


Better Man написал(а):

You're right, Tess.
That's great to see they work together and trying to make something new for both.
There is an information that production of the show has been taken for 6 years!
So who knows when Rob & Guy started to work on this...

He did mention several years ago about doing a musical but I guess the right one never came along. The Boy In The Dress was written by David Walliams back in 2008 but not sure when the decision was made to do the musical, I am sure they must have been working on it for quite some time , it's a great honour to be working with the RSC


Гай Чемберс сейчас делает небольшое промо своего инструментального альбома и, конечно, вопросов много ему задают и по сотрудничеству с Робом. Наиболее интересным фактом для меня стал его ответ о музыкальном стиле саундтрека для мюзикла, который они записали.

Life Thru a Lens! Брит-поп! Так еще любопытнее )

Can you tell us more about your collaboration with Robbie to write the score for The Boy in the Dress for the RSC?

It’s a musical based on David’s book and basically, it’s very like the first album we did, Life thru a Lens. It’s got that sort of Britpop feel to it, lots of guitars and sunny pop songs, there’s also some sad pop songs. And the opening night is 9 November in Stratford-Upon-Avon.

So, at the moment we’re doing workshops for it, in fact, there’s one going on today and I’m going to see what they’re working on tomorrow. It’s an ongoing process and I’m learning a lot about what it takes to put on a musical, how challenging that is to be honest.





Guy Chambers
20 мин.20 минут назад
It was great to be at the first day of rehearsals and meet the young performers who will bring mine and @robbiewilliams music to life in The Boy in the Dress! #RSCBoyinDress



https://www.terripaddock.com/david-wall … um=twitter

How did your collaboration with the RSC begin?
I certainly never thought, oh, one day The Boy in the Dress will be a musical with the RSC. About four years ago, Mark Ravenhill asked to adapt it. At that point, he didn’t say that it should be a musical. I thought it was going to be a play version. So I met Mark a few times. I liked him a lot, I liked his work a lot. I thought, well, he’s a proper playwright, it’s brilliant that he wants to do it.

I’d seen all of Mark’s plays – Shopping and F****** (like everyone else), Mother Clap’s Molly’s House, Some Explicit Polaroids, The Cane. You don’t think of his work as being child-friendly, especially not a play called Shopping and F******. But I knew that he’d know how to make the story theatrical, and there are issues in the book where I thought, where he’s coming from with his previous work, he’ll know how to deal with that in a sensitive way.

Later I met Mark with Greg Doran and they said, oh, we’d like to do it as a musical and ask Robbie Williams and Guy Chambers to write the music. I know Robbie and Guy a bit and I thought, well, you can ask them, I’m not going to ask. When they said, Robbie and Guy are on board, then I thought, yeah, well, I’ll believe it when I hear the songs. Then, when I came to a workshop and I heard 18 incredible songs, I was like, oh, this is real now.

It’s quite a long process putting a musical together so I didn’t want to start crowing about it before it became a reality. But now that the tickets are on sale, it really is going to happen.

What do Guy Chambers & Robbie Williams, in particular, bring to The Boy in the Dress?
They’re brilliant. What I was really impressed with when I first heard their songs for The Boy in the Dress was how immediate they were. There’s a directness and simplicity to them. Sometimes you can see a musical and you’re listening and you can think, what were they just saying? Because Guy and Robbie are used to writing pop songs, they’re very immediate and very gettable.

Also, while their songs are obviously based on things in The Boy in the Dress, they’re not slavish to it. They’ve found their own new language, but also they’ve somehow enlarged it. They’ve made the whole thing grow and feel much bolder than it was before. Songs have that power, don’t they?

They’re all really catchy too and each song is unique to the character, that character’s voice and the emotion they’re expressing.



https://www.whatsonstage.com/stratford- … ctober2019


Full casting has been announced for The Boy in the Dress musical at the RSC.

The show, directed by Gregory Doran, is Mark Ravenhill's adaptation of David Walliams' text, with music from Robbie Williams and Guy Chambers. The Boy in the Dress is Walliams' debut children's book, which follows 12 year-old Dennis, who is his football team's striker and wants to wear a dress to school.

The lead role of Dennis will be played by Oliver Crouch, Jackson Laing, Tom Lomas and Toby Mocrei.

Darvesh, Dennis' best friend, will be played by Ethan Dattani, Shivain Kara-Patel, Kassian Shae Ahktar and Arjun Singh Khakh.

Asha Banks, Tabitha Knowles and Miriam Nyarko will play Lisa James, Dennis' fashion-savvy friend, while Alfie Jukes and Zachary Loonie will play his older brother John.

Joining the previously announced Rufus Hound, Irvine Iqbal, Natasha Lewis and Forbes Masson in the adult cast will be Charlotte Wakefield (Crazy for You) as Miss Windsor.

Other cast includes David Birch (Maudlin Street Captain), Hannah Fairclough (ensemble), Max Gill (Big Mac), Ahmed Hamad (ensemble), Ryan Heenan (Rory), Charlotte Jaconelli (Lorna), Alim Jayda (ensemble), Christina Modestou (Miss Bresslaw), Alexander Moneypenny (Gareth), Clancy Ryan (ensemble), Cilla Silvia (ensemble), Jack Anthony Smart (Swing), Ben Thompson (Oddbod), Jamie Tyler (St Kenneth's Captain), Georgie Westall (Swing) and Grace Wylde (Louise).

Aletta Collins will choreograph the show, which has design by Robert Jones, lighting by Mark Henderson and sound by Paul Groothius and Tom Marshall. Further creative team members are to be revealed.

The production begins previews at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon on Friday 8 November before opening on 27 November and running until 8 March 2020.


- If I Don't Cry
- Disco Symphony
- I Hate Kids
- Dance Dance Dance

Названия песен, которые пока я знаю, что будут в этом мюзикле.
Обращаю внимание, что Disco Symphony - это та, что с Кайли они записали, но так и не выпустили.

Как выяснил Себ из RWL, все песни, написанные Робби и Гаем, поет труппа, поэтому ждать их в исполнении Роберта пока не стоит.


@TheRSC’s The Boy in the Dress is a theatrical masterpiece. An explosion of happiness for all ages. A company full of tremendous performances.
@guyachambers and @robbiewilliams’s soundtrack is a toe tapping delight. This is excellent and heartwarming show. SEE IT! #RSCBoyinDress


Мюзикл хвалят все, кто на нем побывал! Овацией и стоя провожают артистов.
И саму историю, и музыкальное сопровождение.
Критики предрекают мюзиклу большой успех и скорое появление на Вест-Энде.

Думаю, Роб и Гай уже довольны. И поговаривают, что им уже собираются заказать новую работу по мюзиклу.

Что касается песен, то Гай подтвердил, что Робби, конечно, все демки записал по мюзиклу, но альбом с его пением выходить не планирует.
Но если мюзикл получится очень успешным, но по словам опять же Гая, ему кажется, что менеджмент Роба может предложить тому выпустить полноценный альбом.

Выйдет ли хотя бы альбом с песнями в исполнении артистов? Мне кажется, что да, но официально пока это неизвестно.

+ интервью с актером:
https://www.broadwayworld.com/westend/a … S-20191112

And let's be honest: there are lots of people in this world who write incredible songs, but songs that stick in your head? That's a different remit. So if you have the bloke who wrote "Millennium" and "Angels" and "She's The One", you bring him to bear and he brings it in spades.

We're so lucky, from music, to choreography, to design to direction to writing to the cast, just everything.
On music, I would say there are only really two pop stars in my life time that really struck me hard. And they are Robbie Williams and Beyoncé.

So in Robbie's time in Take That, I would have been 11 or 12. Then when he went solo, the wall to wall-ness of pop hits was the background of my life. And it really came to a head with "Escapology" which I played on a loop for about six months. There was something about that album that seriously connected with me.

And Guy Chambers' music is as much a part of the thing I loved as anything else. Robbie's written the lyrics and helped write the songs, but it's Guy Chambers that wrote the actual music, and so it's always also been him that I've loved.

So to get the chance to sing their music is a genuinely exciting opportunity. My inner child is thrilled.



Интервью записали сегодня, но покажут вроде через неделю



Интересное интервью с Гаем по поводу написания песен к мюзиклу:
https://www.thestage.co.uk/features/int … long-time/


Сегодня на премьере




The Boy in the Dress is "a sensational Christmas present for all the family...wearing a dress has never been so much fun!"


4 декабря выйдет саундтрек на CD, заказать можно будет с 16 ноября.
Пока песни с кастом мюзикла.




Пред-заказ уже можно сделать.
Две песни на альбоме будет с вокалом Робби!

https://shop.rsc.org.uk/products/the-bo … rding-2019



Послушать все отрывки!
https://music.apple.com/gb/album/the-bo … 1539149640

1. Ordinary - Company
2. If I Don’t Cry - Dennis
3. We Are The Winners - Darvesh’s Mum & Company
4. Three For The Price Of Two - Raj
5. A House Without A Mum - Dad, John & Dennis
6. I Hate Kids - Mr Hawtrey
7. Is There Anything More Beautiful Than Lisa James? - Schoolkids
8. Disco Symphony - Lisa, Dennis & Company
9. A Girl Who’s Gonna Be - Lorna, Louise, Lisa, Dennis & Girl Gang
10. Miss Windsor’s Belle Chanson - Miss Windsor
11. A Boy In A Dress - Company
12. Beach Holiday Sunday - Company
13. When Things Fall Apart - Lisa & Dennis
14. You Don’t Have A Prayer - Football Teams
15. You Can’t Expel Us All - Company
16. If I Don’t Cry Reprise - Dad & Dennis
17. A Life Of Discipline - Mr Hawtrey, Lisa, Dennis & Raj
18. Extraordinary - Company

19. If I Don’t Cry (Demo) - Robbie Williams
20. A House Without A Mum (Demo) - Robbie Williams



Весь альбом можно послушать на Youtube и Spotify!

А вот две песни, которые поет лично Роб.