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House Of Fraser Competition Winners Meet Robbie Williams
31 May 2012

It was Sunday night and with Soccer Aid kicking off in a few hours the excitement was brewing, but for a lucky five it was about to hit fever pitch!

The evening started with the winners getting exclusive access to the players’ changing room area, after which all five lined up in the legendary Old Trafford football tunnel for a prime view of the England and the Rest Of The World squads as they made their way onto the pitch to greet the spectators. It was a breathtaking moment!

Back from their walk around the pitch, the team returned to the tunnel and then came the moment they’d all been waiting for, it was Robbie! Time to meet the man himself.

First up was Jo, who chatted about her dogs and got a number of photos signed by Robbie, not forgetting to snap some of the moment.

Mandy followed, who had a wonderful story of how she had once given Robbie a lift in her car back in 1993, which he remembered well. Happy memories exchanged, Robbie signed her photo from that day, 19 years ago!

Next up was Lorraine, who needed no introduction… Robbie recognised her as someone who’d dressed up as a lobster on the Take That Progress Live Tour last year.

Finally, Robbie spent a short time speaking to happy couple Alexis and Gary, who are also expecting. Baby tips were exchanged, along with more photo signing, before Robbie had to return to the changing room to put his kit on.

The winners were also treated to an extra bonus when they had the chance to meet many of the other players playing that day, who were also in the tunnel at the same time.



Soccer Aid 2012 has raised a whopping £4.2m so far for children's charity UNICEF and it couldn't have been done without you all. As a massive thanks to all of you for donating, supporting and making the event bigger than ever this year, RobbieWilliams.com are giving you the chance to win some super prizes in our Soccer Aid competition.

The Prizes
There are Soccer Aid 2012 programmes, signed by Robbie, and Soccer Aid t-shirts, as modelled by Robbie in his Soccer Aid appeal video, up for grabs! This is what we're giving away:

Five 1st prizes of a Soccer Aid t-shirt & a Soccer Aid 2012 programme signed by Robbie.
Five 2nd prizes of a Soccer Aid 2012 programme signed by Robbie.
Three runner-up prizes of a Soccer Aid t-shirt.

To enter, simply log in (or register) and click here to head over to the competition page. Answer the three questions correctly and keep those fingers crossed!

The competition closes at 23.59 BST on Tuesday, 12th June, and winners will be notified via email by 18:00 BST on Wednesday, 13th June.

Good luck!


Robbie Williams FunPoker is proud to present its new weekly tournament, Super Sundays which gives you the chance to win exclusive merchandise, all signed by Robbie! The tournament begins this weekend and there are already some great prizes in store, such as 'Sing When You're Winning' Football Tops, 20 Years In Music Commemorative Magazines and 'In And Out Of Consciousness' Ultimate Editions.

The tournament will replace the regular scheduled Sunday Shoppin'. With bigger prizes comes greater risk however, so please be aware this special tournament needs a minimum of 150 players to get started. So why not put a mark in your calendar and tell your friends - we don't want anyone to miss out!

Registration for the first Super Sundays tournament begins tomorrow, Thursday 21st June at 20:00 GMT. The tournament itself takes place on Sunday, 24th June at 13:00 GMT.


Jammit is one of the biggest modern developments in music education-technology, allowing users to virtually practice and perform their chosen songs in the recording studio alongside their favourite artists, and we're very excited to announce that select Robbie tracks are now available on the service!

For all you budding musicians out there who already have the app, hop over to the dedicated Robbie page here… the lovely people at Jammit have even given friendlies a special discount code for 20% off, just use JAMROBBIE20.

If you've not got the app yet, download it for free from iTunes here.
What is Jammit?

Jammit uses the original recordings from a track, allowing fans to break down their favourite pieces of music and isolate specified instruments from the rest of the mix, whether it be guitar, bass, drums, keyboard or vocals.

Available on the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and for Mac and Windows desktop, Jammit has been developed in order to help users learn to play selected songs, note for note. Speed controls also let you slow down the track so you can untangle the tricky bits at your own pace.

All you have to do is download the free app, purchase your favourite Robbie tunes from the list and rock out!

Have fun and don't forget to share your recorded sessions on Facebook using the 'Share' feature!


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Сайт Робби как всегда впереди планеты всей по нововведениям - на этот раз касающимся покупки на сайте мерчандайза!
We're extremely excited to announce something that we think you're going to love; the chance to snap up Robbie goodies at bargain prices. But we're not having a sale… it's called co-buying.

RobbieWilliams.com have teamed up with BuyaPowa to give you the power to drive down the prices on a fantastic range of items from the Shop by getting together. We'll be running a series of co-buys which you won't want to miss out on. Each week will see the launch of a new co-buy and the more people that team up to buy it, the more the price drops… it's that simple!
Here's how it works:

- The power of co-buying means that the price keeps dropping as more people join the deal, until the final best price is reached.

- Each co-buy lasts for a limited time and there are a limited number of each product available, so be sure to secure your item if you see something you like.

- Joining the co-buy guarantees your purchase and gives you the opportunity to drive the price down by bringing in other buyers.

- No matter what point you joined in the co-buy, you'll buy it at the final price.

- Use Facebook, Twitter and email to share and spread the word about co-buying.

- Join the race; bring in more buyers than anyone else and you could get your co-buy for free.

- Spotted something you'd like see in a co-buy? Request any product you think deserves a co-buy. We'll try our best to add the most popular requests to new co-buys.

Remember, the more people who join a co-buy, the lower the price will drop, until you hit the best price. And it doesn't matter whether you're the first to join or the last one in - everyone pays the final price when the co-buy closes.

Be sure to spread the word and and get friends on board, that way you'll all be getting an incredible item for an amazingly low price. Plus, as long as it sells out, whoever brings the most other people into any of the co-buys will get their item entirely for free… yes free!

Tell us what to feature!

The first co-buy will be launching on Thursday, 19th July, so be sure to keep your eyes on RobbieWilliams.com. Right now though, we want to know which items you'd like to see featured in the co-buys. Take a look at the Shop here and decide which things you'd like to buy together for less.

Let us know your favourites in the comments below, or tweet @robbiewilliams using hashtag #robbiecobuy. We'll make the most popular choices happen!


О, мне дико нравится название нового альбома!


Саш а где название? Я что-то не поняла?


Это сарказм в адрес последних новостей )


ААА! Блин ты так не шути - я за 2 минуты весь официальник вдоль и поперёк прошерстила ))) АХАХАХА)))


Вообще жаль, что пока лишь для британцев ))
Inner Sanctum, кстати, в подарок каждому

The First Co-Buy Is Live

19 Jul 2012
The first Robbie co-buy is now live and, thanks to all your requests, we've kicked off with a super special item… the Limited Edition Framed Award commemorating Robbie's In And Out Of Consciousness greatest hits album!

This collectors' item usually sells for over £150 in the Shop, but by joining forces with friends you could pick it up for £110.

Don't forget, if the co-buy sells out whoever brings in the most people by spreading the word will get their Limited Edition Framed Award free!

There are only ten of these available so, if you've had your eye on this, be quick.

Click here to take a look and join the co-buy now.

Remember, keep your eyes on the co-buy page as new products will be launched weekly.

You can also still get your requests in for items you want to see featured by leaving a comment below or tweeting @robbiewilliams including #robbiecobuy.




за такие деньги то...очень сомнительная покупка


Миш, они просто начали с самой дорогой штукенции. Потом будут и диски, и футболки.

Но и эта уже существенно упала в цене, на 40 фунтов


Нас опять бортанули ((((


Join Robbie In Taking Action Against Childhood Hunger


30 Jul 2012
As a UNICEF UK ambassador and someone who holds the issue very close to his heart, Robbie’s asking for your support in putting childhood hunger at the top of the agenda when the Prime Minister hosts an event on nutrition next month.

Last week, on the eve of the Olympics, David Beckham presented Prime Minister David Cameron with a letter signed by 50 high profile members of the sport and entertainment industries, urging him to take action against the childhood hunger crisis that affects 180 million children worldwide.

Join Robbie in asking world leaders to treat this issue with the urgency it deserves and add your name to the letter by clicking here.



Сайт пока вне доступа, висит картинка, что вернутся скоро.

Не факт, но знак хороший


Сайт пока вне доступа, висит картинка, что вернутся скоро.

Не факт, но знак хороший

конечно хороший!!
значит ведутся обновления в соответствии с последними новостями .))
может у сайта уже будет новый имидж по мотивам нового альбома и собственно, новой "эры"...

а может и какие-то крохи нам насыпят  :close:


уже доступно все. и нет нихрена :)


А ну-ка зайдите на сайт быстро!



зашёл.посмотрел на крутящиеся ухо с плечом.скачал прогу на телефон о РВ.ждёмс.


дата презентации сингла - 100%!


Мне честно говоря вообще все равно, что именно это будет.

Мы так долго ждали всего этого, что сейчас любая новость, понятное дело, связано с эрой нового альбома, потому тут все за хорошее сойдет :)


я думаю каждый день, или чуть реже, будет появляться остальная часть скульптуры, которая в итоге что-то будет означать.

указанная дата, это про сингл и даже не обсуждается. а вот скульптура будет наверное намёком на... название альбома, чтоли.


Да тут все уже связано, Сань.
Где сингл - там и клип, где клип, там и альбом.

Не, что немного интриги нагнали - респект на самом деле. Ведь еще совсем недавно мы переживали, что вокруг у всех анонсы давно состоялись, а наш Боб тянет.
Но, снявшись в центре Лондона, все это таинство весьма условное стало :)

Сейчас вот модно запускать тизеры на альбом. А я вот почему-то бы не хотел, чтоб у Роба так было. И хотя сейчас ничего не скрыть от глаз и ушей, хочется, чтобы подольше песен не слышали


история похожа на Интенсивную Терапию.
тогда был интригующий "whatisyourfuture.com"

а здесь прям головоломку придумали .)))


Хорошая аналогия =)


черт! а я в Вене в это время буду и не факт,что со свободным доступом в сеть...


Тань, да у меня та же фигня, но жаловаться тут излишне, на мой взгляд :)


ни в коем случае не жалуюсь,так расстраиваюсь малость :(


Ну и да, обратили-нет, фигурка кружится вокруг своей оси.
Головокружение тут как-то больше подходит, нежели Candy-то.


С бюстом РВ - круть задумка!
Наконец то оригинальность возвращается с самого начала и мелочей. Нраааавица )