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Выступления в 2018

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Не думаю, что выступлений и появлений Робби в этом году будет много и все же теме быть.

Расписал свои прогнозы и думы, что ждать от Робби в этом году. А вы что думаете?
http://robbiewilliamsmusic.ru/2018/01/r … 2018-godu/


Better Man написал(а):

I do not think that Robbie's appearances and appearances this year will be many and yet the topic will be.

I painted my predictions and thoughts on what to expect from Robbie this year. What do you think?
http://robbiewilliamsmusic.ru/2018/01/r ... 2018-godu /

Better Man ... read with interest what you said about not expecting a new album this year but maybe a UTR3 , it could be the translation but not sure what you meant about not enough new music in recent years, if UTR2 is anything to go by he is recording new music all the time but the songs are just not making it on to his studio albums for one reason or another, maybe he is not getting the right advice when it comes to song selection

I also think that Robbie & Ayda will one day do a reality tv show , Robbie has mentioned it often enough so I'm thinking it will happen


Sydney, I suggest it was a mistake in translation.

I wrote that Robbie has already released enough new music recently so there is no need for him to force the process and release a batch of new songs (new album or UTR3) this year.
If I were him I would release UTR3 only after the new album.
In my opinion, some new songs, maybe for movies and with other singers are enough for 2018.

I always want to get new music from Rob but sometimes he shouldn't indulge fans too often, otherwise their inquiries will increase faster :)



На ПМЭФ 2018 в Питере


http://style.rbc.ru/impressions/5b07f74 … 0b99c1a8c4
https://www.newsru.com/cinema/25may2018 … iams.html#