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Live At Knebworth 2003

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Миш поздравляю)))


спасибо, но я ещё ничего не смотрел/не слушал. не ожидал таких размеров от бокса... книга,похоже, Саше очень бы понравилась))


Ну круто) А в Германии в магазине делюкс привозят только под заказ и стоило бы 60 евро


Мих, с запозданием поздравляю ) Сам пока не купил










Отредактировано Better Man (14.10.2013 21:21)


ye а мне лень было всё это фотать. да и от картинки я не в восторге, кстати. местами галимый двд, а то и хуже))) в основном, на крупных планах толпы и тд.


Дауж, Роберт тогда очень жог!!!
Но всё же по количеству дат 10 лет назад тур был не таким большим как в 2оо6.



40 лет первому концерту в Небворте исполнится в следующем году. Ждем кого-то большого. Ну, понятно, не Робби.

Мне просто список нравится с статье:
Artists/bands that have played Knebworth in the past include Pink Floyd, the Rolling Stones, Genesis, Frank Zappa, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Oasis, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Robbie Williams.




http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/fe … esley.html
...he performed to more than 375,000 people over a three-night period and further 3.5 million watched the shows live on TV and online.

Я и забыл, что 3,5 млн еще посмотрело по ТВ. Да уж =)


Сегодня, в этот день, в 2003 стартовал тур. Конечно, не с Небворта, но...

3 концерта в Небворте были распроданы за 8 часов



великий гиг, даже два


немного арта

http://www.buerografic.de/index.php?/ar … williams-/

http://www.buerografic.de/files/gimgs/32_buerografic-robbie-williams-posterteaser.jpg http://www.buerografic.de/files/gimgs/32_buerografic-robbie-williams-postera1.jpg
http://www.buerografic.de/files/gimgs/32_buerografic-robbie-williams-wom.jpg http://www.buerografic.de/files/gimgs/32_buerografic-robbie-williams-freundin.jpg


В чертовски славной компании Роберто



Если выкинуть из списка U2, то очень даже.


15 лет!!!


на ebay продают

https://www.ebay.com/itm/robbie-williams-knebworth-ticket-after-party-ticket-and-2-passes/302830476337?hash=item46821a5c31:g:8T4AAOSwV4BZ0RwI&_pgn=2&_sacat=0&_nkw=robbie williams knebworth&_from=R40&rt=nc





16 years ago today since I was in a field with 124,999 other people, witnessing the greatest entertainer since @freddie_mercury, hold the audience in his hand and put on a show!! Thank you @robbiewilliams why don’t we do it again?



He will do it again. I am sure!


Did you know - On the final night of Williams's 2003 Knebworth House concerts, 125,000 ticketholders sang Strong to set the world record for Most Karaoke Participants. Williams and his audience held the record until 2009, when 160,000 people sang Friends in Low Places by Garth Brooks whilst in attendance at the 2009 NASCAR Sharpie 500 race.


http://www.bbc.co.uk/stoke/robbie/2003/ … orth.shtml
https://www.festicket.com/magazine/feat … orth-2003/
https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-ente … 98704.html
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The best concert from Robbie Williams ever
Czes23 January 2005
This huge concert in Knebworth is definitely Robbie Williams' best. All of his best songs are included in this DVD, for example Feel and Angels. Williams performances another tracks as well, which ones are not included in any of his CDs, like We Will Rock You from Queen. He gives his best, the entire show is gorgeous, and the audience's morale is through the full concert at maximum. The mood doesn't decrease after the sunset, when the lights are turned off, then comes Robbie's best songs, like Angel. I have been once in his tour personally in Budapest, it was brilliant, but this concert is much bigger. Excellent concert DVD, Williams at his best, a must see, not only for fans.
The most captivating man alive!
mwilliams-2518 August 2005
Words cannot even express how I feel when watching the Live at Knebworth Show. The fact that this man can make 175 thousand people bounce in unison to his music is astounding! I wish so much that I could have been there in person. It would have been the best time of my entire life! However, when I watch the DVD, it almost feels like I was there. Robbie is so captivating with his enthusiasm and animation. The band plays an amazing show with such precision and energy. I was a die hard fan of Robbie's music before, but now not a day goes by where I don't listen to him. This is by far one of the best shows in music history!!!
Best live concert DVD ever
darinf-18 July 2005
I wasn't the biggest Robbie Williams fan primarily because I never heard of him...i live in USA where RW is pretty much unknown. But after hearing he put on a fantastic show from some European girl I met, I figured why not check out a DVD of him live (since it seems he doesn't play live in the states). I was blown away!!! In the DVD RW says "i'm a born entertainer", and he couldn't be more self aware. Not only are the songs fabulously written, performed, and choreographed, but somehow the director was able to capture emotion and depth throughout, making you feel like you were right there in the front row rocking and bouncing with a bunch of Brits. Robbie is a star...and this DVD made this skeptic tell everyone he knows that robbie williams is hands down the best performer in the world right now. Check it out if you're into great music and fabulous musicians... Believe it or not, its well worth the $42 bucks I paid thru amazon.com.
Oh what a night!
JudithMHunt4 March 2007
In reply to bob the moo. We were there. Right at the back. From the opening notes of 'Let me Entertain You' to the fading tones of 'Angels', Robbie Williams grabs an audience like no one we have ever seen before or since and we still feel privileged that we experienced one of the greatest days pop has ever seen. The DVD conveys all of this wonderfully and all this time later, still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. The extras are a bit of fun and let the audience in on some of the backstage nerves plus allow Take That fans to witness the ongoing affection between Robbie and Mark. If you only ever buy one Robbie Williams DVD, make it this one.
muzikjunky24723 May 2006
I am also from the USA, where ironically very few people have even heard of Robbie Williams, but I'm a HUGE fan, and had to order this DVD. It's was very worth it... RW has a ridiculous amount of stage presence. This DVD effectively captures that, and the (vast) audience's energy in such a way that the DVD live performance continually looks very professional and successfully captures the highlights from this concert. The extras are pretty cool, and this is one of the best concert DVD's I've ever seen, definitely one of my favorites. The set list is great; the choreography/RW's concert antics make this footage superb. I wish he came to the US more often.

Unlike the person before me, I found this DVD on amazon for about $22, but if I had seen it before, I'd probably have paid as much as $50 for it. This concert is interactive and visually pleasing, not to mention awesome because of RW's music. Born entertainer, indeed.
Stina_s9113 October 2005
Before I saw the concert Robbie Williams was nothing to me. Me and my three friends looked at the concert and it was WONDERFUL! I was totally in love. He was so sweet, he danced really good and I loved his singing (I still love this thing). He really entertained the public. I think it was amazing that he asked a girl up to the scene and they KISSED each other. And when he said WOOW, with a five-years-old expression. But the thing who makes me cry were when I cried. I really did impression at me. When I hear the live variation from the concert I get shivers and at Saturday me and me three friends are going to look at the DVD. oh, I LOVE Robbie Willimas

Robbie at Knebworth
mrisklay2 April 2005
At Knebworth is the best concert i have ever seen, This guy Robbie Williams is to die for he is fantastic, I adore him and the crowd absolutely loves him he is the best entertainer i have ever seen in my life, I love a man that loves his mother, I have just brought the DVD and I'm sure my DVD player is going to blow up i absolutely flog it to death i am in love with this man.....every time i watch the show i cry. No man has ever had this affect on me except the one and only Robbie Williams, not even my x husband and by the way he hated his mum a big no - no.... Keep going just the way you are Robbie Williams you are the best
Best he has ever done
h_wilson9225 February 2009
I really loved this concert.Knebworth is one of the two Robbie Williams DVDs I own because I am a huge Robbie fan.I found out about this DVD cos my mother had it in the DVD cabinet and I didn't even notice it until I became a Robbie Williams fan.

It had to be the best concert he has done in his career.There were hardly any songs that I disliked except for Me and My Monkey which went on for a bit too long but other than that I loved all the songs that he performed at Knebworth.These are all very well written.The stage,musicianship were both very professional.It also had some very funny moments.It has to be one of the best shows in music history.If you want a RW DVD get this one!
Fans of Williams will lap it up but those that aren't big fans might be put off by the way that his personality comes through in the show, and not necessarily in a good way
bob the moo4 January 2007
Filmed back in August 2003, this concert saw over 150 thousand people come to Knebworth to see former Take That member Robbie Williams perform a set of his songs as well as some of his favourites from other artists. I'm not a real fan of Robbie Williams and I have never been to a concert this big but I decided to give this film a try anyway. I'm not sure how much of an experience this concert would have been for those not in the first quarter mile of the stage but on television it works a lot better as it gives more intimacy with the performance.

Whether this is a good thing or not depends on your view of Williams. He does most of his big hits and he belts them out really well and if you, like the crowd of mainly screaming women, love this then this is the concert for you. Personally I thought that the whole show was moulded around Williams' personality and that this was not always a good thing. He does come across very smug at times and perhaps all a bit too pleased with himself and how things have worked out. Fans will likely embrace this as part of him being a cheeky chappy but it is a fine line between that and arrogance and Williams doesn't always manage to stay on the right side of it. Likewise his womanising side sees his ogling his dancers, having two of them pretend to kiss and fondling a member of the audience during a song. It is part of his "fun" I guess but again it grated with me because it seemed to be more about his brand of hedonism than it was about giving the audience a show.

This can also be seen in the moments when he talks to the audience, either as a group of as individuals. A lot of what he says comes over as insincere but it does the job for the crowd; I didn't like the way he bigs up himself a lot as well – attacking the tabloids and telling the audience how well he is doing, but again if you are a fan of his then I guess you won't see it this way. The dancers look great but I was disappointed with how little we get to see of the many people that share the stage with Williams – only bass player Yolande Charles gets time on camera, which may be because of her looks. In terms of the show itself, director Hamilton has done a great job of grabbing lots of great shots to give the viewer a feel for the crowd while also catching the performance up close. Occasionally it is edited together a bit too frantically but generally this helps inject energy into the film.

Overall then a big concert film that is professionally made and well captured by the director. Fans of Williams will lap it up but those that aren't big fans might be put off by the way that his personality comes through in the show, and not necessarily in a good way.