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Альбом 'Rudebox' (2006)

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Check out the BBC Radio 1 Website for the Scott Mills interview from Berlin yesterday. About 45 mins into the stream. The new album is, according to Rob, called RUDEBOX. And Milan was the best ever audience Rob played to, according to this interview. Check it out!


And Milan was the best ever audience Rob played to, according to this interview

:rolleyes: Да он всегда так говорит...


ничего плохого не слышу.........просто в 2 раза больше Робби.........но единственное мне не нравиться,что он  слишком много рэповать стал(((((


мне не нравиться,что он  слишком много рэповать стал(((((

А разве не об этом он всю жизнь мечтал? :unsure:


Народ, я к вам с подарком :)
давайте отложим Рудбокс на некоторое время..


хотя я предлагаю пока особо не расписываться о ней. может дождёмся полного альбома? :)

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Саня, сццылочка не функционирует... :)


Проснулся поздно  :P


Реально проспал  :D  :P ,Оля выражаю тебе благодарность за предоставленую ссылку,спасибо громадное  :rose:


Мне Lovelight нравится =)


lyrics Lovelight

What am i supposed to do
to keep from goin under?
Now you're making holes in my heart
And yes it's starting to show
I've been holding back
Is it any wonder?
Since you walked right into my life
And interrupted my flow

And i wanna know
Baby when you're with me
Who do you think you're fooling?
Making me feel so sure
Turnin your lovelight down again
Why don't you let me be?
You don't know what you're doing
Making me feel so sure
Turnin your lovelight down again

(did it again, did it again)

Baby i've got yo know
Are we gonna make it?
Laying down beside me tonight
Do whatewer you feel
Baby you're in control
Where you gonna take it?
Don't you think i do you right?
You know darn well that i will

And i wanna know
Baby when you're with me
Who do you thinkyou're fooling?
Making me feel so sure
Turnin your lovelight down again
Why don't you let me be?
You don't know what you're doing
Making me feel so sure
Turnin your lovelight down again

Baby you turn the lovelight down
And i don't know
Just how long i can stick around
Girl i need more
And it aint just phusical
But i don't know what i can do
cause i found
it ain't love this time around

Keep turning down your lovelight
Did it again


Народ,как презентация на ибице прошла?или глухо пока?


оригинал Lovelight. если кому вдруг интересно


4.King Of The Bongo

  :laugh: боже мой... я это тока шо осознал..... :wacko:


According to Austrian radio station "Hitradio OE 3" Robbie is going to do his new video clip in Vienna during the next two days. Unfortunately it is not known what the song is called, even the place is still top-secret. But it seems it will be the video for Lovelight.



EMI Music France just sent me an official statement about new album name, and release date.

The album will be called "Rudebox" (as the single) and it will be out worldwide on October 23rd! Don't forget : this news is 100% Official.


01. Rudebox - produced by Soul Mekanik
02. Viva Life On Mars - produced by Soul Mekanik
03. Lovelight - Lewis Taylor cover - produced by Mark Ronson
04. King of the Bongo - Manu Chao cover - produced by Mark Ronson
05. She's Madonna - produced by Pet Shop Boys
06. Keep On - produced by Mark Ronson
07. Good Doctor - produced by Mark Ronson
08. The Actor - produced by Brandon Christy
09. Never Touch That Switch - produced by Soul Mekanik
10. Louise - produced by William Orbit
11. We're the Pet Shop Boys - produced by Pet Shop Boys
12. Burslem Normals - produced by Soul Mekanik
13. Kiss Me - produced by Dave Lee (Joey Negro)
14. The 80s - produced by Jerry Meehan
15. The 90s - produced by Jerry Meehan
16. Summertime - produced by William Orbit

17. Dickhead - produced by Jerry Meehan - bonus track


А сам он что ни один не продьюсд?!


в трек-листе радует большое количество песен, не радует отсутствие имени Робби в числе продюсеров.
А ещё не радует постоянное смещение даты выпуска льбома...
23-е октября я надеюсь будет последним сроком. Потому что я уже в предвкушении.


ну нет его в продюсерах и ладно.
к тому же я уверен, что Робби продюссировал все песни на альбоме :D
другое дело, кто ему в этом помогал.

например, я на 100% знаю, что The 80s и The 90s точно его творения. и вряд ли он будет убирать своё имя.

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http://www.accessallareas.net.au/data/E … GozKIQ.php

Robbie Williams unleashes Rudebox!

Posted Thursday, August 24 2006

Robbie Williams will release his highly anticipated and much talked about new album 'Rudebox' on October 21 through EMI. 'Rudebox', recorded during the early months of 2006 sees RW collaborating with an array of musical mavericks including his heroes The Pet Shop Boys, King of ambient William Orbit, fellow Stoke natives Danny Spencer and Kelvin Andrews AKA Soul Mekanik, disco house icon Joey Negro and NYC based DJ cum Über producer Mark Ronson, on both new original compositions and covers of some of his favourite tracks by artists as diverse as Manu Chao, The Human League, My Robot Friend, Lewis Taylor and old friend Stephen Duffy, so that through its 16 tracks 'Rudebox' marks out and charts his musical loves and life.

Led off by the title track and first single 'Rudebox', a nasty, dirty, bass infused electro funk pop monster, twisted around his own unique visceral lyrical stylings, the result is the sound of our Rob jamming the electro boogaloo on a bustling New York street corner in 1983. 'Viva Life On Mars' is the world’s country space funk Technicolor pop anthem. 'She's Madonna' see's Neil Tennant, Chris Lowe and RW forming their super group and paying lovelorn homage to the first lady of pop, they also cover their Pet Shop Boys cover of My Robot Friend's 'We're The Pet Shop Boys', as we all know an imitation of an imitation is the very highest form of flattery.

Mark Ronson brings his trademark horn infused modern soul revue to four tracks on the album. 'Lovelight', a spectacular cover of Lewis Taylor's criminally unknown soul anthem, takes it from its warm soul roots, and transforms it into a building euphoric disco anthem featuring a full on falsetto vocal performance that ranks amongst his most dynamic to date. 'Good Doctor' complete with its hip hop shuffle is a full on barroom romp cum block party jam set to a tongue in cheek pharmaceutical theme. 'King Of The Bongo' reinvents Manu Chao's classic world music original for a more decadent and debauched 2006, Whilst 'Keep On' is probably the most bombastic Robbie song ever, bustling with percussion, funk guitar licks, and exorcising the spirit of '89 and Baggy. He is also joined here and for 'King Of The Bongo' on BV's by the inimitable whirlwind that is Lily Allen.

'The Actor' is a stomping Germanic electro pop anthem that fits equally as well on dancefloors, as it does lamenting Hollywood flunkeys whilst 'Kiss Me' takes Stephen Duffy's 80's classic and re invents it as a Hi energy electro pop anthem. Fulfilling a long time ambition of a collaboration he joins forces with ambient legend William Orbit in recording two tracks here, 'Summertime', a fuzzy euphoric Balearic anthem that was actually one of the first songs he wrote when he went solo 10 years ago and an emotive and faithful cover of the Human League's 'Louise'. 'Louise' of course has been long documented as one of his favourite songs, and a muse in the construction of last years 'Intensive Care' album (which has now sold in excess of 6.5 million copies worldwide.)

Inspired by The Mitchell Brothers, Ian Dury and Mike Skinner and their rolling Prowse and recorded into an I book in Rob's bedroom in LA, 'The 80's' and 'The 90's', see him joined by long term bass player Jerry Meehan to document 15 years of his life in song. 'The 80's' bounces along on to a braggadier's swagger that tips at a hat to the glorious days of early LL Cool J, Eazy E, Flavor Flav in his own poetic biographical comfy rap monologue. 'The 90's' documents the Take That years in a frank, personal and open display of sonic catharsis over an uptempo pop classic. It's a powerful and reflective moment, and perhaps not the frenzied bitch fest that some might have liked.

His rekindled song writing relationship with Stoke's other finest musical exports Danny Spencer and Kelvin Andrews, who back in the day contributed to the writing of 'Rock DJ', continues here. Alongside 'Rudebox' and 'Viva Life On Mars', 'Never Touch That Switch' conjures up images of 80's electro dancing, breakdancing and days gone by, the final track of their four 'Burslem Normals' is an incredible strung out and personal electronic ballad. This is RW stripped down to his barest vocally and musically.

'Rudebox' already the subject of much speculation, sees RW on a musical journey of sorts, imbibed with a real sense of fun. Lyrically it is very broad; humorous, historical, honest and revealing, a rollercoaster that takes you from introverted to extravagant, the break up to the make up. This is perhaps the most definitive Robbie Williams opus to date, ten years down the line into his solo career, as his truest personal and musical inspirations collide to create an intimate and explorative sound that will surprise some, but after eight albums, this here is the sound of Robert Peter Williams, born 1974 in Stoke On Trent, UK.

People who approach this record with the pre conceived notion that "Robbie’s gone dance," will be very surprised by 'Rudebox', it is an incredibly assured electronic record, as much if not more influenced by hip hop, soul, p funk, indie, baggy, acid house, early 80's electro house, and classic pop music as it is by contemporary 'dance' music. The sound is unmistakably fresh, yet unmistakably Robbie Williams! It could be no other. Fear not, this is pop, but not as we know it...

"They might say its "dance" or it's "electro" but it's just what I like! It started off as a busman's holiday this time around, but it's become something on which I've found myself. I was just doing my YTS up till now," he adds.

"It has become something on which I've found myself. This is the right direction for me personally, this is what it is. I saw the whole Robbie thing coming to a close as it was, I couldn't make another album like the ones I'd made, and this has just opened up a thousand other doors. What I am excited about now is making more music. I love all the stuff on the album, I love Rudebox, it's a favourite song of mine. I don't know what's gonna happen now, I'm excited about getting it out there, but I’m more excited about making more." '

Rudebox' is far from the end of Robbie Williams as we know it, but more a re adjustment, a smile and a nod to the future.

RW is in the midst of his record breaking 'Close Encounters' World tour, which hits Australia in November.


1. Rudebox
2. Viva Life On Mars
3. Lovelight
4. King Of The Bongo
5. She's Madonna
6. Keep On
7. Good Doctor
8. The Actor
9. Never Touch That Switch
10. Louise
11. We're The Pet Shop Boys
12. Burslem Normals
13. Kiss Me
14. The 80s
15. The 90s
16. Summertime
17. Bonus Track

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Немо, отличная новость. эх, есть же везунчики, которым не нужна ждать октября.
меня заинтересовала The Actor..думаю, будет напоминать Депеш Мод.

а вот ещё новость
TV presenter Ant & Dec are set to appear in the new Robbie Williams video.
Robbie is said to be desperate for the Geordie boys to feature in the new video for his cover of the Human League song ‘Louise’.
He is hoping that Ant & Dec will appear as the schoolboys that were so popular in their SMTV sketches years ago.
A source said: “It’s Robbie’s idea that the video be set in a school – with him, Ant, Dec and also his mate Jonathan Wilkes dressed up as school boys.”
Robbie is big friends with the Geordie lads and admits that his new track ‘Rudebox’ was inspired by hits from PJ & Duncan - as Ant & Dec were previously known, and his rapping style on the new single attempts to emulate hit’s like ‘Let’s Get Ready To Rumble’.
He said: “I have always wanted to be a rapper. I’ve always been jealous of rappers because of how comfy they are and how cool they look. I want to be a rapper – but the world won’t let me.”
There’s a reason Robbie…stick to the singing pet.

хм..видео на Луиз? так может это 2ой сингл?..песня классная. но самое интересное, она не танцевальная


Summertime - produced by William Orbit

Эм. Старый добрый Summertime?... Или другой?...


Мне кажется Summertime будет новым. Не будет Роб повторяться. Хотя и старая Summertime суперская.


Мне кажется Summertime будет новым. Не будет Роб повторяться. Хотя и старая Summertime суперская.

А мне кажется будет старая версия...[list]Да кстати...альбом что называется "Rudebox"? А как же "1974"?Мне старое название лучше нравится...[/li][/list]


а мне больше всего нравился вариант Rudebox '74


пришло время узнать, как характеризует новые песни сам Робби.
прошу обратить внимание на номер 16..так выходит эта песня даже старей той "старой доброй" :lol:


1. Rudebox
Danny and Kelvin (aka Soul Mekanik) sent me the very basic drum track and it became a floor-shaker with lyrics straight outta Stoke-on-Trent.
2. Viva Life On Mars
I see it as Oh Brother Where Art Thou, meets Primal Scream when they were good. There have been three World Cups since then.
3. Lovelight
I wouldn't have known about Lovelight if it hadn't have been for Tom Middleton's album, The Trip. I fell in love with it instantly.
4. King Of The Bongo
I didn't pick this song. It picked me. It was played to me by friends six years ago, and I always thought I had to cover it. Now was the time.
5. She's Madonna
I played Tour De France by Kraftwerk and said: "Can we do something like this, but not much like it?"
6. Keep On
I can't remember lyrics at the best of times and there are so many in this I doubt I will ever do it live. It is about choosing a different kind of life and believing in the boogie and all it brings.
7. Good Doctor
Is it hard to rhyme medical terms? No, but it is hard to find a balance.
8. The Actor
Partly written on Oscar night, this is about living in LA and how it has given me little respect for actors.
9. Never Touch That Switch
The first records I bought were electro and I never thought it would be something I could do. What does it mean? I don't know. It is in the eye of the beholder.
10. Louise
Louise by the Human League was the template for the Intensive Care album, so it seemed natural to pay homage to it.
11. We're The Pet Shop Boys
I just love the fact that the Pet Shop Boys covered it. It is not one of their songs and I love the irony of me covering a cover.
12. Burslem Normals
It is about how in the Eighties and early Nineties there were so many gangs to be a part of. The Burslem Normals was a piece of graffiti from the town I was born in.
13. Kiss Me
When this track came out in 1981, something nice must have been happening to me, because it makes me feel full of hope.
14. 80s
I want to be a rapper but the world won't let me. This is bitter sweet about a decade where I formed an opinion. I was wrong.
15. 90s
This was going to have had a sample from one of my top five songs, Wichita Lineman, in it. Then we took the sample out. I look back at it now with fondness.
16. Summertime
One of the first songs I wrote when I came out of Take That. It's very euphoric but when I wrote it, I don't think I could have been any more depressed.
17. Dickhead
This is for everyone who thinks I'm a dickhead. I am just reciprocating. The feeling is mutual.

нда..что же это за Актёр?..по-прежнему она больше всего интересует..

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очень интересно услышать как Роббик исполнит we're the pet shop boys. после шока, испытанного мной после того, как я услышала ее в исполнении самих бойз. и самое главное что он хочет сказать вдруг выбрав ее для нового альбома  :) просто шутка?

Отредактировано mink (25.08.2006 23:12)


we're the pet shop boys вообще-то песня не PSB. они сделали на неё кавер.
кстати, на официальнике побольше о каждой песне Роб пишет. смотрите в latest
edit: или здесь. http://www.cosmopolis.ch/english/music/74/...ams_rudebox.htm

Отредактировано Better Man (29.08.2006 19:12)


да. не бойзов, это верно :) 4 года назад я попевала моему роботфренду, а шок был получен когда ее исполнили сами psb :) кто-нибудь ее слышал в оригинале и в исполнении psb?  :music:


кстати, сам оригинал не слышал.
ну а версия Бойзов имеется. ну так, средненько. скажи, а тебе оригинал больше нравится?