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World Music Awards, которая прошла пару недель назад, стартовала с микса Bodies...а героя даже не позвали



Том Джонс 26 июля выпускает свой новый альбом, и он с нетерпением ждет возвращения Робби в ЛА (кстати, они соседи, дома их по одной улице), чтобы тот послушал его новый релиз первым. Том говорит, что они всегда делятся мнениями о своих работах/

Ну, а Рассел Брэнд в своем новом фильме сыграет прообраз Роба:
“Perhaps the most surprising thing about the movie is Brand's character. A fizzing mix of British chirpiness, drug-dependent freak show, emotional baby and charismatic charmer, he's clearly based on ... Robbie Williams,” The Guardian reports.
There are alleged similarities between the real and fictional musicians’ personalities, with the suggestion that: “Snow's developed into a lovable narcissist, and the Robbie parallels are stronger than ever.
“Elsewhere, Snow's story (attempting a comeback after a flop album, the public breakdown of his relationship to an equally famous rock-star girlfriend) not to mention his mental state (troubled relationship with his parents) are rather familiar.”


Better Man может быть на альбоме Тома есть что то с Робби? )))


в голове крутится новость зимняя, что они что-то да хотели там вместе записать, но думаю, что не в этот раз, иначе бы все уже знали =)


Ну всякое бывает) Я всё таки очень надеюсь))) Не просто же так Том вот такое сказал))) Может намекает)



http://www.californiachronicle.com/arti … /146693313


Кайли+джаз+Робби - это будет здорово )) дай бог чтобы так оно и вышло

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кстати, Англия уже начинает всеобщую борьбу за ЧМ 2018

вот сайт, где различные звезды и игроки говорят за 18 секунд в чем же особенность Англии и почему именно она должна принять Чемпионат


Интересно, а кто бы у нас делал такую рекламу? Влад Топалов?


Ноэл Галлахер


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хах.. слушайте.. тут статью прочитал в mail.ru
"Названы песни, которые заставляют мужчин плакать"

цитата - "В десятку самых слезоточивых песен также попали комозиции U2, Робби Уильямс и Шинед О'Коннор."

верно :good:  :wub:



вот список нашел в гугле топ 10

Эрик Клэптон - Tears in Heaven

Леонард Коэн - Hallelujah.

Шинед О'Коннор - Nothing Compares 2

U2 - With or Without You

The Verve - The Drugs Don't Work

Элтон Джон -Candle in the Wind

Брюс Спрингстин - Streets of Philadelphia

Тодд Дункан - Unchained Melody

Робби Уильямс - Angels

(p.s. лично меня вызывает на слезы лишь некоторые песни Роба такие как Don't Say No, My Culture, Feel [Live From Knebworth], Advertising Space, Supreme, King Of Bloke And Bird, The Trouble With Me, ну и многие другие)


бедняжка,не плачь(((лучше выложи что нибудь из своих новых творений!


нет, увы я не мистер Уильямс, я тайны хранить умею столько сколько нужно :rolleyes:

Отредактировано RudeBoy (02.10.2010 21:16)


что это??? :o:


прикалывается парень )


The biggest switches of 2010 revealed
24th December 2010

From the formation of the coalition government, to Tiger Woods turning from family man to serial adulterer, new research conducted by The Co-operative Bank Current Accounts has revealed the biggest ‘switches' over the course of 2010.

The survey of 3,000 Brits also highlighted other popular switches, including Robbie Williams' emotional reunion with his Take That band mates, Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley switching channels to ITV and the Lib Dems' widely reported u-turn on university fees.

Wayne Rooney features twice in the top ten after making the decision to remain at Manchester United, and being taken back by Colleen Rooney after playing away from home.

Top 10 Switches of 2010

1. The formation of the coalition government 46%
2. Robbie Williams reuniting with Take That 35%
3. The Lib Dems' decision on university fees 31%
4. Tiger Woods turning from family man to serial adulterer 27%
5. Wayne Rooney making the decision to stay at Manchester United 15%
6. Colleen Rooney taking Wayne Rooney back after he played away from home 11%
7. Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley switching to ITV 11%
8. Toyota's safety recall over brake and fuel pump defects 10%
9. The BBC confirming its move to Manchester 8%
10. 80s jumpsuits coming back into fashion 7%



слухи продолжаются

надеюсь, что Роб не будет судьей


немного свежего Роба в динамике не помешает ))



Отредактировано Better Man (06.12.2011 15:55)


Ну, что ж, ура =)

Collision Of Worlds в расширенном списке претендентов на Оскар 2012

39 - 39, конечно, но все равно приятно, черт возьми. Может, имя Брэда поможет - все-таки там его любят. Песенка форматная, хоть и не особо примечательная. 



ВОт эт новость))
Sir Paul McCartney says Robbie Williams held him up from making 'Kisses from the Bottom'.

The Beatles musician has wanted to make an album covering old rock 'n' roll standards for a number of years, but kept getting beaten to it by other artists such as Robbie, who released 'Swing When You're Winning' in2001, and Rod Stewart, who has recorded five instalments in his 'American Songbook' series since 2002.

In a live web chat, Paul Explained: "Every time I came to make this album someone else would make one. As soon as I thought 'now's the time', Robbie Williams came out with one. And I thought, 'I can't do it now because it's gonna look like I'm jumping on his bandwagon.'

"Then it settled down and just as I thought, 'now's the time,' Rod Stewart comes out with one, so I thought 'oops, can't do it now'.

"But I ended up with a different direction to anyone else, and the songs are not quite as well known as the ones other people have done."

Paul, 69, admitted he was both inspired and a little intimidated when he went into the famous Capitol Studios in Los Angeles with Diana Krall to record the album.

He added: "When I came in to make the album, I didn't know how I was going to do it, but I wanted some inspiration so I thought, 'I'm not going to answer that question until I get on the mic'.

"We were in Capitol studios, the iconic studio where Nat King Cole, Sinatra, Dean Martin, all these guys recorded and it felt a little bit intimidating because I had no idea what the record would sound like, we chose the song, and then started Diana started working it out, and we did it very organically."

'Kisses from the Bottom' - a collection of covers and two new songs by Paul, 'My Valentine' and 'Only Our Hearts' - is released on February 6 in Europe and February 7 in the US.


Brad Paisley says he had no doubt about his role when he and British superstar Robbie Williams co-wrote 'Collision of Worlds' together for 'Cars 2.' The song is one of 39 tunes up for an original song nomination for the 84th annual Academy Awards.

Director John Lasseter told Brad, who also wrote a song for the original 'Cars,' that the new tune was about Mater, the tow truck voiced by Larry the Cable Guy, who falls outside of his comfort zone as he travels the world. The naive truck has a little trouble adjusting to the local customs before ultimately saving the day.

"When Robbie and I met, we had a ball," Brad says of the suave singer. "I said, 'I have no preconceived notion of why I'm here: I'm the redneck tow truck and, make no mistake, you're the slick British spy'."

In the song, the two run through the differences between American and British English. "We came up with the title 'Collision of Worlds'," Brad says. "We were joking about colloquialisms like bangers and mash, meat and potatoes, pounds and dollars."

The pair had so much fun that the country superstar hopes to collaborate with Robbie on another project. "I've got some ideas for him. I think he needs to venture into Nashville territory. There's a British country thing that I'd love to see him attempt," Brad says, referencing English acts like Mumford & Sons, who draw from country influences. "Don't go sing songs about Texas. Go sing about Nottingham or the Isle of Man."

Brad hopes to write more songs for movies, especially because he loves the idea of working from a script. "It takes all of that sitting around in a room, looking at a co-writer [and] banging your head against a wall [and replaces it with] 'We'll give you two hours of inspiration. Go for it.' [So] Mr Eastwood, Clint ... C'mon. Call me!"

The Oscar nominations will be announced on Jan. 24.

Go behind-the-scenes of Brad and Robbie's recording session for 'Collision of Worlds' in the video player below.


The Beatles musician has wanted to make an album covering old rock 'n' roll standards for a number of years, but kept getting beaten to it by other artists such as Robbie, who released 'Swing When You're Winning' in2001, and Rod Stewart, who has recorded five instalments in his 'American Songbook' series since 2002.

In a live web chat, Paul Explained: "Every time I came to make this album someone else would make one. As soon as I thought 'now's the time', Robbie Williams came out with one. And I thought, 'I can't do it now because it's gonna look like I'm jumping on his bandwagon.'

Да он уже сто лет назад говорил подобное) Не новость так что ;)


Ну видимо перед выходом переиздания вспомнили ))))


и что тут?


Да Мак пожаловался, что, дескать, Свинг и кавер-альбом Стюарта помешали его планам раньше выпустить свой собственный аналогичный с перепевками.
Как только он собирался это сделать, его опережали эти ребята. И он считал нужным потерпеть до более удобного момента, чтобы не казаться "повторюшкой" )))


Продолжение истории про девушек с фото которое Робби выложил в блоге - по ссылке видео http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-derby..._medium=twitter


14 мая выходит благотворительный ДВД с видео выступлениями разных исполнителей - среди которых Робби и ТАКЕ ТНАТ)

The Iconic Live Moments DVD is released on May 14 and marks the start of Music is GREAT Week.

Jude Bridge of Save the Children said: "We are very proud to be partnering with Music is GREAT. For each copy sold, Save the Children will receive all net profits. That money will go towards funding our vital work both in the UK and internationally.

I would encourage all music fans to buy this fantastic album which will help save children's lives and give them a chance to fulfil their potential."

Jessie J added of the Music is GREAT campaign: "I'm so proud of being British, my accent says it all.

"I think it's very important to be proud of where you're from, and I don't think anywhere is like the UK. I think music is a perfect way to celebrate and we make it very well."

The DVD will be available digitally and physically from HMV on May

The full running order of the DVD is as follows.

1. David Bowie - 'Ziggy Stardust' live at Hammersmith Odeon, 1973
2. The Who - 'Won't Get Fooled Again' live at Shepperton Studios, 1978
3. Queen - 'Radio Gaga' live at Wembley Stadium, 1986
4. Orbital - 'Chime' live at Glastonbury Festival, 1994
5. Pulp - 'Common People' live at Glastonbury Festival, 1995
6. Spice Girls - 'Wannabe'/'Who Do You Think You Are?' live at BRIT Awards, 1997
7. Radiohead - 'Karma Police' live at Glastonbury Festival, 1997
8. Robbie Williams - 'Let Me Entertain You' live at Knebworth, 2003
9. Muse - 'Knights Of Cydonia' live at Wembley Stadium, 2007
10. George Michael - 'Faith' live at Earls Court, 2008
11. Blur - 'Tender' live at Glastonbury Festival, 2009
12. Adele - 'Someone Like You' live at BRIT Awards, 2011
13. Coldplay - 'Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall' live at Glastonbury Festival, 2011
14. Take That - 'The Flood' live at City of Manchester Stadium, 2011
Bonus track: Amy Winehouse 'Back to Black' live at iTunes Festival, 2007 (available on iTunes download only)



В списке самых продаваемых синглов 21 века!


Robbie Williams chats to us about this year's Soccer Aid charity match for UNICEF. 'I become like a giant kid.'