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а чьи песни в исполнении самого себя?)



Как женщины борются с депрессией при помощи шопинга, так и Робби Уильямс, выйдя из реабилитационной клиники, решил порадовать себя «обновкой». Популярный британский певец купил себе новый автомобиль! Для этого он приехал в один из автосалонов Беверли-Хиллз, где долго выбирал между «Бентли» и «Роллс-Ройсом». В итоге Робби остановился на роскошном «Бентли».

Кстати, по словам сестры исполнителя, в скором времени Уильямс планирует снова лечь в реабилитационный центр, чтобы продолжить лечение (певец злоупотреблял антидепрессантами, снотворным и кофе).


Categories: 'Dancing With the Stars', Music, Reality TV

Wondering what freshly rehabbed Robbie Williams was doing sitting in the audience for Dancing with the Stars last night? So were we, and because we just happened to be there, taking in all the frilly and fluorescent glory of no fewer than 11 competing couples, we went straight to the source to find out.

EW: What brings you out tonight, Robbie?

Robbie Williams: Well, I've met Joey [Fatone] quite a few times before. He's a really lovely guy. And I love rubbish television. So he and I were out in the same place last week [Hollywood hotspot Les Deux], and I thought I'd combine my liking Joey with my liking crap television by visiting both of the same time.

EW: Any idea what the reaction has been in England to Heather Mills being on the show?

RW: I honestly don't know. I've been living here for the last few years.

EW: But the show is popular in the UK, right?

RW: I know it was massive three years ago, and today, it was exciting as well. I wouldn't mind checking out American Idol myself.

EW: Did you ever have a chance to work with Simon Cowell?

RW: No, but I've met him a few times and I like him. Simon was quoted as saying, "Britney Spears and Robbie Williams just need to get their s--- together and go spend a few weeks with their mothers." He's usually right about things, he's probably right about that.

EW: How are you doing post-rehab?

RW: It's going really good. I got the train back on the track. I've been sober since February 13. Almost two months and look at me, I'm brand spanking new again!

EW: You're not releasing your latest album, Let's Swing Again, in the US. Why?

RW: I decided about four albums ago that I like living here. I get to be Batman by day. I've gotten to the point where I'm famous enough to enjoy my celebrity and do fun stuff without all the crap that goes with it. And it would be insane to invite what I have in the rest of the world into this country, so I'm not gonna bother promoting or releasing records here.

EW: So it was a life decision that didn't really have to do with your career?

RW: Absolutely, and I don't regret it.

It's worth noting that, some three hours later, Robbie was back at Les Deux again for the Tudors premiere party. There, he was spotted in deep conversation with Lindsay Lohan, perhaps offering his own post-rehab tips?


http://www.tmz.com/2007/03/28/robbie-pe … r-himself/

если было, звините
здесь видюха какая-то от папарацев


I’VE lost count of the number of times a ROBBIE WILLIAMS reunion with TAKE THAT has been either on or off.

But now a real voice of authority has spoken on Robbie’s behalf and insisted he will work with the boys again — his beloved mum Jan.

Take That’s JASON ORANGE hinted at a Robbie collaboration when he said this week: “Maybe it’s my romanticism, but I think if we do future albums it’s inevitable Rob will sing with us.”

And Jan agrees. She said: “I don’t think Robert has a problem with that. He’s thrilled at how Take That have come back.

“On the question of him doing something with them, that will happen.

“It would be something he wanted to do.

“I’m thrilled that out of all the negative stuff that happened in the past there’s now something great happening.

“Take That were excellent when they were all together and they are excellent now.”

Jan flew to Los Angeles to be there when her boy left rehab early around a month ago.

She said he has completed his course of treatment and is back working hard on his music. She added: “He’s OK, he’s fine, he’s on a good recovery.

“He’s enjoying life and his football and going out with the lads and having a laugh.

“It’s great to see. He’s doing a lot of writing.”

Jan is now back in the UK after jetting home having spent time with her son in LA.

She flew to his side when he checked out of an Arizona rehab clinic following treatment for addiction to prescription drugs.

The singer — pictured above outside trendy Hollywood haunt Hyde on Thursday — has been out clubbing almost every night since he got home, just like fellow Rehab Raver Lindsay Lohan.

I bumped into Rob’s pal MAX BEESLEY in London’s Groucho Club last week and he spoke excitedly about the new songs Rob is working on.

Max said: “Rob’s brilliant at the moment — the best he’s been in years and he’s buzzing with his music. He’s writing songs and enjoying being in the studio.

“He’s going to come back with some great new tracks. He really couldn’t be on better form.”

Source : http://www.thesun.co.uk


Robbie Williams DVD,And Through it All has recieved a nomination in the Austrian Amadeus Music Awards.The "Amadeus Austrian Music Award" is lent since the year 2000 and developed within shortest time to the Topevent of the Austrian music scene. Numerous Austrian and international of star participated in the past years as show-acts with the Amadeus, among them Robbie Williams, Nena, Simply talk, Joe Cocker, Sarah Connor, Shaggy, The Corrs, we are heroes and Ronan Keating. If it was nearly impossible in the past years to be as a fan with the Amadeus award thereby it gives to buy tickets this year for the first time. A nominating for the best music DVD receives Amadeus tickets with Oe-ticket Robbie 2006 with "and through it all". We pressure the thumbs further information give it at orf

Musik-DVD des Jahres
"And Through It All": Robbie Williams
"Herzverbunden": STS
"Hoch wie nie": Falco
"P.U.L.S.E.": Pink Floyd
"Schrei - Live": Tokio Hotel


конечно, одалеть Пинк Флойд будет сложно. но всё возможно


молодец, Робби


Youngsters are now able to enjoy five-a-side matches in a purpose built arena thanks to help from Robbie Williams and Lottery funding.
Hard-standing on which old garages stood has been transformed to create the pitch for football-mad children on the Hollowsfarm Estate, Chesterton.
Football-mad Robbie helped the project get off the ground two years ago when he donated Ј15,000 through his Give It Sum charity fund.
Now, the arena is finished with a new playing surface, goals, lines for football and basketball and cricket stumps.
Smart green and red fences surround the pitch and stop the ball heading down the grassy embankment towards busy Loomer Road.
The project was spearheaded by estate residents Carol and Trevor Tunstall from Hollowsfarm Residents Association.

Carol said: "It's already been so well used. The children have really been appreciative. It's been nearly two years in the organising and getting permission.

"The residents have been terrific. The community has been great. Robbie's Give It Sum fund really kicked us off."

Sam Arnold, aged 10, who attends Churchfields Primary School, said: "It's ace. The goals are good and there's side netting so we don't have to run down the field."

Seven-year-old Greg Lunt, of Gainsborough Road, who is a Liverpool supporter, said: "I really enjoy playing here."

His brother Tom, aged 11, a Manchester United fan, said: "It's good because the ball doesn't roll down the hill. The goals make it. I want to be a footballer. I come down here every day nearly."

Their mum Jane, aged 40, added: "I like it for them. It keeps them away from the road and they come down here quite a bit."

Stoke fan Trevor Tunstall added: "The children's eyes lit up when they saw it for the first time.

"I have to thank Robbie. People don't realise what he does for Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle but Ј15,000 is a lot of money and it got us started. Maybe other people or residents groups will see it and think they can do something. This was just old garages before."

Carol added: "The arena compliments the area and the park we have for little ones."

The project was funded by Ј15,000 from Give It Sum, Ј2,000 from the Barracks Trust, run by Newcastle Borough Council, and Ј6,000 from Aspire which owns the land.

A further Ј10,000 came from the Lottery's Awards For All and the final Ј2,000 was from Staffordshire County Council's local members initiative scheme.

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интересная номинация = )

Cannes (France), April 15, 2007 – The Banff World Television Festival, in partnership with Alberta Film, is pleased to announce the nominees for the Banff World Television Awards, the annual international television program competition which this year attracted more than 800 entries across 20 categories.

The award winners will be announced at the 28th Banff World Television Awards Show, presented in partnership with CanWest MediaWorks, at the Fairmont Banff Springs, in Banff Canada, on Monday, June 11, 2007.

Category: Performance Programs
In partnership with Citytv and CHUM Television

The Dead Of Spoon River
Produced By: TVP SA - Channel 1
Entrant: TVP SA, Poland

Man on the Moon
Produced By: Tiger Aspect Productions
Entrant: Tiger Aspect Productions, UK

Robbie Williams Live: A Close Encounter
Produced By: Done and Dusted in association with Sky One
Entrant: BSkyB - Sky One, UK

Produced By: Mossanen Productions
Entrant: Mossanen Productions, Canada

Produced By: Orkater in association with Avro TV
Entrant: NPB (Netherland Public Broadcasting), The Netherlands


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ооо, молодец Роб = )
веселая история в общем у них приключилась на этой неделе

Robbie Williams has bought Joe Pesci a Ј170,000 Bentley - to make peace after their angry spat.
The 'Angels' singer - who was reportedly left "terrified" by the actor's angry outburst after his friends blocked the actor's drive - has tried to heal the rift with the lavish gift.
A source said: "Robbie moved to Los Angeles for a peaceful life and the thought of having a dispute with the neighbours doesn't appeal to him. He decided to splash his cash to show there are no hard feelings."
'Goodfellas' star Joe was enraged when Robbie's friends, who had gone to his Los Angeles home for a soccer match, parked in front of his drive.

Joe, famous for playing violent and psychotic gangsters, threatened to start smashing windscreens with a golf club unless they were moved immediately.

Robbie parked the brand new Bentley in Joe's driveway as a practical joke.
A source revealed: "When Joe saw that his drive was blocked again, he wasn't happy. He rushed down to confront Robbie - but obviously calmed down when he realised that the car was a gift to him."
In return, the legendary actor reportedly gave Robbie a box of film props.

вот только, что такое "props"?..

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Напишите в общих чертах по-русски  :rolleyes:


ну, в общем, Робби на прошлой неделе немного начудил.
на стоянке заблокировал автомобиль Джо Пеши. *хотя тут написано, что друзья, но это не так*
ну и актёр очень был зол на него за это.

в итоге Робби это задело и он купил Пеши новый "Бэнтли" = )
причём, поставил его так на стоянке, что вновь заблокировал выезд машине Пеши. сделал так ради прикола...
ну и когда Джо увидел, что его машине опять не выехать, чуть ли молнии стал метать, побежал к соседу, чтоб поругаться вновь, Робби ему и сообщил, что данная машина - его подарок актёру в знак примирения.
Пеши, конечно сразу обрадовался и они помирились.
а Джо ещё и вручил Робби "a box of film props"...но я не знаю, что это.
может быть коробку дисков со своими фильмами..


По-моему, это реквизит.



TAKE That are set to play the Concert for Diana - and TV chiefs are trying to persuade Robbie Williams to join them on stage.

The band, Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, Jason Orange and Mark Owen, yesterday confirmed they would play at the Wembley show in July.

And BBC bosses are in talks with former member Robbie to make an appearance during their set.
An insider said: "Princes William and Harry have both been involved at every stage of organising the line-up and they know that to get Robbie back with Take That would be a real coup. The BBC are doing everything they can to make it happen.

"Robbie's supposed to be taking a year off, so talks are in quite early stages. But he's been fairly receptive to the idea and Take That would love it if it came together."

The line-up also includes Kanye West, Rod Stewart and Elton John.

Daily Record


ну что, скоро концерт, посвященный юбилею-памяти в 10 лет смерти Леди Ди...

и все в предвкушении того, что Робби споёт с Тэйк Зет...я говорю про англичан.

на сайте ВВС даже опрос идёт

пока 60% за, 40% против..

Вы знаете, я хотел бы, чтобы у них просто наладились отношения.
Но почему-то не хочу, чтобы выступали вместе, даже один раз.
Так что проголосовал "против"

Отредактировано Better Man (03.05.2007 13:32)


Алекс,солидарен с тобой!мой голос ПРОТИВ


A  po4emu  bi  i  net!  Robbie  nado  razvejatsja  posle kliniki


Я "за" никто от этого не потеряет, а кто приобретет если они не споют...?


Я голосовала против.
А кто такая Леди Ди?


Леди Диана Спенсер....грех такого не знать...не прощу


Леди Диана Спенсер....грех такого не знать...не прощу

Ну я не знала,что ее так называют)


А кто такая Леди Ди?

:o:  :o


А кто такая Леди Ди?

:o:  :o

Ну я правда не слышала,чтоб ее так называли)

ЗЫ:оффтоп уже,так что если еще кто-то хочет пристыдить меня,это,пожалуйста,во флейм)


я б проголосовала и скорее да ,чем нет (интересно посмотреть на них вместе столько лет спустя:))тока вот чего-то я не разобралась,где


А кто такая Леди Ди?

:o:  :o

Ну я правда не слышала,чтоб ее так называли)

ЗЫ:оффтоп уже,так что если еще кто-то хочет пристыдить меня,это,пожалуйста,во флейм)



РОБ УЖЕ СОГЛАСИЛСЯ СПЕТЬ С НИМИ.можете больше не голосать.я писал об это в теме тт.


незнаю слышали вы или нет, осенью у Фифти выйдет новый альбом и один совместный трэк (может даже несколько) с Робби  :o:
Сам репер типа говорит что у этого британца очень хороший вокал, и если ему предоставить подходящую песню, то получится феноменальный результат.
Дауж, отожгли парни  :P


да. но пока официального подтверждения нигде не было,
хотя на одном из сайтов и правда Робби значился в списке приглашенных гостей на альбоме

Отредактировано Better Man (07.05.2007 18:36)


Незнаю... Вроде как всё уже официально. Роб дал интервью в котором заявил что представители Фифти уже связались с ним и осталось обговорить лишь дату посещения студии.

И к этому всё шло. Ещё в 2005м году на NRJ Awards они очень дружно пожимали руки и вместе беседовали на каком-то ТВ шоу. Уже тогда было видно что они не равнодушны друг к другу.

Отредактировано Bender (07.05.2007 18:42)


ну и хорошо = )

не скажу, что мне это будет интересно, но это дело Робби, поэтому в любом случае любопытно, что из этого выйдет.

p.s. ждём Свинг ))*


ROBBIE WILLIAMS risks alienating his fan base with his forthcoming album - he's reinventing himself as a hip-hop star. Rising producer Mark Ronson recently played Williams some bluegrass songs, which he claims has inspired the singer to turn to a new musical direction. Ronson says, "I used to be obsessed with the O Brother Where Art Thou? soundtrack, and I went down to New Orleans and stalked the guy who'd done the record - Chris Thomas King. "I played Robbie one of his songs called Gaslight, because Robbie wants to make a bluegrass/hip hop record now." Williams' last album Rudebox was a critical and commercial disappointment.

Source : contactmusic.com

надеюсь, что это неправда