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Robbie Williams teams up with Asha Bhosle

By Businessofcinema.com Team
9 February 2007, 03:57 AM 

MUMBAI : Robbie Williams and Asha Bhosle have teamed up for a duet and a remix version of the Williams' hits Rock DJ and Better Man. Bhosle recorded her parts in India with instrumentalists and arrangers from China, India, Singapore and Hong Kong. Indian producer Shamir Tandon recorded Bhosle's vocal parts in Mumbai while Morton Wilson from Schtung Studios and his team of arrangers worked on the tracks and the overall production in Hong Kong. These tracks will form the core of a multi-tiered marketing programme in India with mobile phone company Sony Ericsson. EMI Music India has made available the duet of Better Man on select Sony Ericsson Walkman phones. sony Ericsson has also partnered with mobile network operator Hutch to make the remix version of Rock DJ available for downloads for Hutch subscribers. The tracks will also be made available on Inner Sanctum, the Robbie Williams website. Plans are to include the songs in a Bollywood film, sources say. Featuring traditional Indian instruments like tablas, sitars and the sarangi, played by wellknown session musicians in India combined with some new arrangements, well-known Robbie Williams tracks like Rock DJ and Better man have gone through a complete musical overhaul. Rock DJ becomes a frenetic Bollywood Club Remix and duet whereas Better Man becomes something almost spiritual.


The Spice Girls have been approached to perform at a huge charity gig which will raise awareness of global warming.

Famous names including Madonna, Robbie Williams, Kylie Minogue and Oasis are all expected to perform at Live Earth on July 7. Baby Spice Emma Bunton will not be able to participate due to her pregnancy, but organisers hope that the other four girls will agree to take part.

A source told the Daily Star Sunday: "It's the most important event to happen since Live Aid and the Spice Girls will be the jewel in the crown. This is simply an event of such magnitude that no performer approached will be able to say no."

Source : http://www.digitalspy.co.uk


окончательный список самых продаваемых альбомов 2006 года в Мире
IFPI: Best Selling Albums of 2006, Worldwide

courtesy of GATA RWAP

1 Soundtrack High School Musical Walt Disney/Universal/EMI (6,000,000)
2 Red Hot Chili Peppers Stadium Arcadium Warner (6,000,000)
3 The Beatles Love EMI (4,950,000)
4 James Blunt Back To Bedlam Warner (4,800,000)
5 Justin Timberlake FutureSex/LoveSounds SonyBMG (4,500,000)
6 Beyonce B'Day SonyBMG (4,000,000)
7 U2 U2 18 Singles Universal (3,850,000)
8 Rascal Flatts Me And My Gang LyricStreet/Holywood/Universal/EMI (3,700,000)
9 Il Divo Siempre SonyBMG (3,550,000)
10 Andrea Bocelli Amore Universal (3,450,000)
11 Snow Patrol Eyes Open Universal (3,400,000)
12 The Pussycat Dolls PCD Universal (3,300,000)
13 Nelly Furtado Loose Universal (3,300,000)
14 Evanescence The Open Door Wind Up/SonyBMG (3,250,000)
15 Christina Aguilera Back To Basics SonyBMG (3,200,000)
16 Carrie Underwood Some Hearts SonyBMG (3,100,000)
17 P!nk I'm Not Dead SonyBMG (3,100,000)
18 Robbie Williams Rudebox EMI (2,900,000)
19 The Killers Sam's Town Universal (2,800,000)
20 Rihanna A Girl Like Me Universal (2,800,000)
21 Dixie Chicks Taking The Long Way SonyBMG (2,700,000)
22 Corinne Bailey Rae Corinne Bailey Rae EMI (2,600,000)
23 Josh Groban Awake Warner (2,500,000)
24 Gnarls Barkley St Elsewhere Warner (2,500,000)
25 Nickelback All The Right Reasons Roadrunner/Universal (2,500,000)
26 Fergie The Dutchess Universal (2,450,000)
27 Jay-Z Kingdom Come Universal (2,400,000)
28 Black Eyed Peas Monkey Business Universal (2,400,000)
29 Scissor Sisters Ta Dah! Universal (2,350,000)
30 Tony Bennett Duets SonyBMG (2,300,000)
31 Kobukuro Single Best Warner (2,300,000)
32 Hinder Extreme Behaviour Universal (2,300,000)
33 Jack Johnson And Friends Sing-A-Longs & Lullabies For The Film Curious George Universal (2,250,000)
34 Ne-Yo In My Own Words Universal (2,250,000)
35 Tool 10,000 Days SonyBMG (2,250,000)
36 Arctic Monkeys Whatever People Say… Domino (2,250,000)
37 Gwen Stefani The Sweet Escape Universal (2,100,000)
38 Akon Konvicted Universal (2,050,000)
39 Mary J. Blige The Breakthrough Universal (2,000,000)
40 Shakira Oral Fixation Vol. 2 SonyBMG (2,000,000)
41 Kumi Koda Best - Second Session Avex Entertainment (1,950,000)
42 KT Tunstall Eye To The Telescope EMI (1,950,000)
43 Bob Dylan Modern Times SonyBMG (1,900,000)
44 Keith Urban Love, Pain & The Whole Crazy Thing EMI (1,900,000)
45 Kelly Clarkson Breakaway SonyBMG (1,850,000)
46 Rod Stewart Still The Same... Great Rock Classics… SonyBMG (1,850,000)
47 My Chemical Romance The Black Parade Warner (1,850,000)
48 T.I. King Warner (1,800,000)
49 Soundtrack Hannah Montana Walt Disney/Universal/EMI (1,800,000)
50 Tim McGraw Greatest Hits Vol. 2 Warner (1,750,000)

имхо, 18 место - хорошее. конечно, вполне мог многих обогнать.
но очень много сильных исполнителей и позади.
особенно, если учесть, что везде в прессе альбом называют "провальным", то место очень высокое.




Singer ROBBIE WILLIAMS is only truly at peace with himself when he's in the studio, according to his producer pal MARK RONSON. The FEEL hitmaker was admitted to The Meadows rehabilitation clinic in Arizona last Tuesday (13FEB07) to overcome his addiction to prescription pills, and Ronson is thrilled he's finally sought help after years of bottling up his problems through music-making. He says, "Robbie is at his happiest when he is in the studio. He does have a lot of demons that he deals with, but he makes sure he does that in private. "He just doesn't want to burden anybody with his own personal traumas."



Warner bid could spark EMI auction



Becks: I can save Robbie

CARING David Beckham believes he can save pal Robbie Williams from ¬¬self-destruction with a special exercise regime.

The former England captain, 31, reckons getting superfit is the best way for troubled Robbie to beat his inner demons.

The pop icon, 33, is currently in rehab as he battles depression and an ¬addiction to prescription drugs.

But Becks is convinced a daily ¬workout can help him overcome his troubles. So he has been busy working on a gruelling fitness programme for Robbie to follow when he gets out of a specialist clinic in the States.

And Becks could soon be on hand in Hollywood to become the Robster’s ¬personal trainer. He is quitting Real Madrid at the end of the Spanish ¬football season to play for LA Galaxy.

A source revealed: “David is ready to do anything he can to help Robbie. As a top athlete, he firmly believes exercise can go a long way to helping him overcome his addictions and depression.

“Keeping active will help take Robbie’s mind off his ¬problems and stop him sitting around dwelling on things.”

Robbie, right, is a big football fan and plays regularly, but pals say he has still been spending much of his time lately ¬lounging around his home in Los Angeles. Anti-depressants and sleeping pills are said to have left him “like a zombie”.

An insider said: “He spends hours on end slumped indoors on his own and does very little other than play video games and read comics.

“A regular exercise routine could help him snap out of that. It could be just what he needs to help get himself back on track.”

The Beckhams are among a host of showbiz pals who have rallied round Robbie since he checked into The Meadows Clinic in Arizona on his birthday last week.

Victoria, 32, sent him a “get well soon” message as soon as she heard he had been admitted to the £2,250-a-night rehab centre.

Her husband and Robbie became close friends through their work as ambassadors for the children’s charity Unicef.

The singer, whose big hit Angels launched his solo career, performed at the Beckhams’ lavish pre-World Cup party last year, and Becks introduced him at the Live 8 gig in Hyde Park.

And the pals could be neighbours when Becks joins LA Galaxy. Posh was impressed by a £10 million mansion near Robbie’s pad during her recent house-hunting trip.



Is this the end of the superstar era?

Там оч много, 3 стр, поэтому сюда выкладываю только ссылку

Отредактировано nemo (22.02.2007 11:00)


У меня ссылка почему-то не открывается... Но судя по загловку ничего хорошего там нет.


дома у меня тоже не открывается (может потому что xml)

если кому интересно, я могу скинуть в приват, я себе сохранила на работе
здесь постить не буду, потому что там оч много

статья не только вообще о звездах...супрезвездах. там всякое рассуждалово


В новой номинации "Худший повод для семейного времяпровождения" отмечена комедия "Дурдом на колесах" с Робби Уильямсом в главной роли.

Что это??? Робби снимался?


Робин Уильямс.
там ошиблись


Сволочи... А я уже отправилась покупать фильм.. причём ошиблись сразу в 4 источниках....


не "сволочи", а дурачки. что с них взять :)



Robbie Williams Wins Worst Album Award

At this year’s NME Awards

By: Layla West on 3/1/2007

He’s currently in rehab in Arizona making a concerted effort to battle his demons, but that hasn’t stopped NME readers giving Robbie a kicking while he’s down by awarding Rudebox worst Album of 2006 at tonight’s NME awards.

And apparently the NME are even going as far as to courier the award over to Williams. Nice to see he has their support…

A source told the Mirror “people voted in their thousands with nearly every vote directed at Robbie’s feeble offering” (though we doubt they’ve actually listened to it).

The source added “never in the history of the Shockwaves NME Awards has there been such a concerted effort to get one album named the worst” well at least he has made an impression.

NME’s Conor McNicholas confirmed Robbie has been ‘popular’ among voters, saying “Readers have been clamouring to elect Robbie’s Rudebox as their Worst Album. He’s not having a good time of it.”

Robbie beat the likes of The Feeling and Razorlight to win the accolade. Congratulations Rob.


а вот очень интересный коммент на вышерасположенный текст:

The Uk has a real down on Robbie,and its a british thing build them up and knock them down.Its reported in the gutter press The Mirror that the album has flopped,but sales are higher than Take That The Killers and Oasis worldwide, 2.9m copies which makes him the biggest male selling artist and the Fourth British biggest selling artist in the world,pity they cant print the truth.

Отредактировано Bender (01.03.2007 18:49)


а Роб лишний раз доказал,что он лучший!


да нет слов вообще... :why:
зря они так "Рудбокс" поливают..ну право зря.. = ((



British pop singer ROBBIE WILLIAMS is eyeing a collaboration with hip-hop superstar 50 CENT.
The 33-year-old admits he has no idea what kind of music the odd couple would make together. Williams says, "I think me and 50 Cent might do something. "He called. Well, his people called.
He's someone I wouldn't mind doing something with actually, thinking about it. "He's a bit like (MIKE) TYSON - softly spoken, but could f**k you up.
And I want friends like that. He's like a teddy bear... with a gat. "I can't imagine what we'll do though."

contact music


я как раз тока что на другом ресурсе прочитала и подумала а почемутогда уж не с Эминемом


Не знала куда выложить. Думаю, это подходящая тема

Flashing his characteristic grin, the old Robbie Williams looks back for good as he enjoys his second night out on the town since finishing his latest spell in rehab.
Earlier, the 33-year-old who has been treated for addiction to prescription pills, went to meetings at the Rock & Republic store in Culver City, just a day after leaving rehab.
The fashion store has a number of celebrity lines, including jeans designed by another British star, Victoria Beckham.

Perhaps Robbie is thinking of cashing in on his notoriety and designing for the label? The laid back star came out wearing a smart olive blazer -a preppy look he perfected when launching his 'Swing When You're Winning' CD.
It is clear that despite his spell in treatment, Robbie is not ready to give up Hollywood's social whirl.
Robbie went clubbing and emerged two hours later looking remarkably sober and returned home at 1am.
An onlooker said: "He seemed on good form. He looked incredibly smart as he left the club with a group of his friends and I think he really enjoyed himself. It is good to see him looking so fresh faced".
Three weeks earlier, Williams' admission into rehab on his 33rd birthday followed a 12-year battle with drink, drugs and depression, which has plagued him ever since leaving Take That.
As he was admitted to rehab in Arizona, his spokesman took the unusual step of releasing a statement which read: "Robbie has been admitted into a treatment centre for his dependency on prescription drugs".
Williams had previously become a recluse at his home in Los Angeles and recently cancelled the Asian leg of his world tour, citing stress and exhaustion.


Time running out for Robbie Williams
India Gazette

British singer-songwriter Robbie Williams seems to be at the last stages of his career. He seems to have run out of musical ideas, checked himself into rehab and most recently won the ignominious honour of worst album of the rear for his latest album 'Rudebox' by NME magazine.

But things were not always like this for him. At one time, after quitting the massively successful boy band Take That, he was Britain's darling - its pride and joy.

What could be the most telling and consequential sign of his downward spiral in his life in general is that try as he might, the singer just could not break into the American market. And you cannot be really big if you don't crack that market.

Not that Williams didn't try. It's just that America could care less. And it doesn't seem like it is going to change anytime soon.

Williams started his career as a member of Take That in 1990. He was just 16 then. And till 1995, the year he decided to quit the band, they were hugely successful. He left the band under unclear reasons but it was clear that he felt he was constrained and suffocated.

He wanted to express himself more freely and his first release as a solo artist was a tongue in check rendition of George Michael's hit 'Freedom'.

He sold more albums in the Britain than any other British solo artist in the history. He won an impressive and yet unsurpassed 13 Brit Awards and has sold more than 15 million copies worldwide.

At the peak of his fame Williams wryly said that he's 'the one who put the Brit in celebrity'. At that time, it was not hard for anyone to believe that. But now Williams is beset with problems that seem to plague every aspect of his life.

But Americans just can't take Williams seriously. At times he can seem very campy and ridiculous parody of himself.

Rocker Sheryl Crow, speculating on why Williams cannot make it in the US, said: 'There's a camp element to Williams that's too threatening to Americans. American men don't want to see anything that's burlesque or vaudevillian, they want to feel their artist is brooding and macho.

'Most of our male artists are so aggro they don't even look like rock stars, they look like roadies. Williams' songs are very melodic and I think he takes a lot of his inspiration from Elton John, which does not seem to be what kids in America are into right now.'

Yet another problem is that his musical style and persona is more appealing to gay men in the States. So, when Williams in most of his songs laments about dealing with his fame, it doesn't make sense to people in the US who have never even heard about him.

In one stupid move he tried to break into the US market with a compilation album called 'The Ego Has Landed'. It was a clear case of building castles in the air.

His lyrics reflect his self-obsessive nature. In one of the songs, 'Come Undone', he sings: 'Such a saint but such a whore; so self aware, so full of shit; do another interview; sing a bunch of lies; tell about celebrities that I despise; I am scum.'

It seems Williams is hollow, doesn't have much of a point, has no opinion on anything else in this life except for himself.

If the troubled singer is going to make it big anywhere, he has to get a life. It isn't too late but it is going to be an uphill task.


:fu: какой-то мчудак написал дебильнейшую статью.


какой-то мчудак написал дебильнейшую статью.

Ну, блин! Мне даж обидно. Особенно задело высказывание "at the last stages of his career". Много он знает...
Зато хорошая новость - Робка в здравии, хорошо выглядит :rolleyes:





Best Male. голосуем


и ещё один двд с Робби вышел..
DVD "The Best Of Later...With Jools Holland - 2000 - 2006"

Робби на нём с выступлением 2005 года с песней A Place to Crash


Robbie has started writing material for a new album with his Stoke-on-Trent buddies STEPHEN DUFFY, KELVIN ANDREWS and DANNY SPENCER.

Source : http://www.thesun.co.uk


Угу, Даффи у нас теперь Сток-он-Трент бадди. Да неужто?...


Британская фирма, занимающаяся торговлей сантехникой, решила провести опрос, чтобы узнать, какую музыку англичане предпочитают слушать в ванной. Выяснилось, что женщины отдали свое предпочтение красавчику Робби Уильямсу. Мужчины, в свою очередь, выбрали Элвиса Пресли. Робби Уильямса они поставили на второе место, а Фрэнка Синатра − на третье.

прикольно, а я вот больше люблю слушать в ванной самого себя = ))