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Take That Offer Robbie Williams Support

February 28, 2007 5:40 a.m. EST

Maira Oliveira - All Headline News Reporter

London, England (BANG) - It may have been 10 years since the last time the five members of this former British pop sensation were selling out concerts together and counting on each other as brothers, but that doesn't mean they no longer care about the one member who is now in rehab.

Take That have been sending former bandmate Robbie Williams text messages of support as he fights his prescription drug addiction.

The group - Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, Mark Owen and Jason Orange - have dismissed claims they deliberately snubbed Robbie by failing to mention him when collecting their British Single BRIT award. They insist they have been in constant contact with the "Angels" singer since he checked into a rehab center but don't want to publicize their support.

Gary said, "We got picked up (sic) a lot for not mentioning Robbie when we collected the award and for us it seemed like everyone was just jumping on the bandwagon. But we have all sent texts and e-mails to him. We just want to deal with it privately."

Robbie checked into Arizona's Meadows center on February 13, the day before the BRITs.He is being treated for an addiction to the anti-depressants Seroxat and Xanax, and the painkiller Vicodin.


Potteries pop star Robbie Williams is on the road to recovery in a rehab centre in America, according to his family.The star - who booked himself into the centre on his 33rd birthday for dependency to prescription drugs - is said to be feeling "positive", as he reaches the half-way stage of his programme of treatment. His sister, Sally Williams, said: "Robbie is doing okay. "I've not spoken to him, but my mum has.

"He's feeling a lot better and is looking forward to getting to the end of his treatment.

"My mum is feeling positive about it, now he's feeling good. She's going to fly out to America to see him in about a week to 10-days' time."

Sally said the singer was concerned about the way his spell in rehab would be seen back home, but was relieved and encouraged to learn of the support he had received from the Potteries.

The Sentinel has been flooded with messages from fans backing the star in his fight against his addiction.

Sally said: "He was concerned and he didn't know how it would be portrayed in the media, but mum explained how it's been very positive and about the messages of support from the charities and the public.

"He was very relieved to know it's not been a massive nightmare.

"He was pleased it was all positive. So he's feeling pretty good at the moment."

Robbie is reportedly being treated at the Meadows treatment centre in Arizona. It has previously helped stars such as Kate Moss and Mike Tyson confront their demons. Last year the 70-bed facility admitted 677 patients, who stayed for an average 35 days, for an estimated cost of 33,500 (Ј17,044).

According to its own treatment philosophy, "the goal of treatment is to help the patient identify the traumas that have led to their present behaviour and learn to change their thinking and behaviour to support a lifestyle of recovery".

Robbie's dad, Pete Conway said: "He's OK. He's fine and in good shape.

"I shall see him shortly, I shall be going to Los Angeles. Robbie has had lots of messages of support."

Next week The Sentinel will be presenting Robbie's mum, Jan, with a framed double page Sentinel spread containing scores of messages of support and goodwill from our readers.

The gift will then be sent to the star as he recuperates in the States.

Sentinel Editor-in-Chief Mike Sassi said: "We have been overwhelmed with tributes and get-well messages from Sentinel readers and our website has been inundated with comments from Robbie's fans from all over the world.

"We want to make sure that these messages are passed on to him to help with what we hope will be a speedy recovery."

Meanwhile, back home in North Staffordshire, Robbie has been offered the opportunity to continue on the road to recovery by coaching or managing an academy football team at Manchester Metropolitan University's Alsager campus.

Coach Melvyn Wilkes, of Kidsgrove, said: "I played football against Robbie a couple of times when he was at St Margaret Ward School.

"He's a football person, he was very passionate about Port Vale.

"I think he needs that side of his life back. This is a genuine offer.

"We'd love him to train with us, or even better if he would consider coaching or managing one of our academy teams.

"I think he could do it. This would give him something he could focus on and goals he could work towards."




Exclusive by Gary Anderson 03/03/2007


ROBBIE Williams' mum says it is a "living hell" watching him battle booze and drugs.

Jan Williams revealed she once had to cradle the troubled star like a child when he broke down in tears at the height of his addiction.

Drug counsellor Jan, 56, revealed: "There was one time when he came home in the middle of his drink and drug problems.

"He lay down on the rug with his head in my lap and I looked down at him and he was sobbing.

"For a moment I felt I was looking into a mirror, like it was my reflection. As a mother it was mindblowing. I reacted as a mother first and foremost and stuck to him like glue. There was a lot of trauma."

Robbie went into rehab in the US on his 33rd birthday nearly three weeks ago. Jan has now flown out for an emotional reunion.

And she told how his lengthy battle to beat his demons had also taken its toll on her.

Jan said: "It's very, very hard when your child has problems. Alcohol and drugs don't just affect the person who takes them.

"But as bad as some of it has been with Robert - and some of it has been a living hell - there have always been lots of lovely things."

The pop idol - whose last album Rudebox flopped - checked into the Meadows clinic in Arizona in mid-February, on the eve of the Brit Awards, after admitting being hooked on prescription drugs.

Last week old foe Noel Gallagher twisted the knife as he sneered: "I could talk to you for three hours about how bad he is." But in the main Robbie's fans and fellow pop stars have rallied around with heartfelt messages of support.

Before leaving from Heathrow on Thursday his mum said he was now "doing well and feeling much better". His older sister Sally added: "Robbie's doing OK and is looking forward to the end of his treatment."

The singer's mother admitted she frets over the pressures fame and pop success have had on him.

She said: "He has to make his own choices and I have to let go. He's 33 and says to me, 'I'm a big boy, don't worry'. But as a mother you do.

"I worry he's exhausted after that tour he did last year. Take a 16-year-old, put him in the music industry and what emerges is someone with plenty of scars."

Jan now hopes once he puts his troubles behind him Robbie will settle down and start a family, but admits it may be a vain hope.

She told Staffordshire County magazine, which covers the area near her home: "What would I like for him in the next 10 years?

"He has said he'd like a family and I'd like more grandchildren. I know what I'd like for him but it's his life. "A lot of people around him have got married and had babies, but it's difficult in the industry he's in.

"A tour like last year's takes 12 months, with 12 months preparation. There isn't much room to do normal things."

Meanwhile, Robbie's old Take That pals sold all 370,000 tickets for their 28-date UK tour this year in just three hours yesterday.

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Rob выписался из клиники и уже готовиться к празднику дома в ЛА!



7 March 2007


SINGER Robbie Williams returned home last night after finishing a 21-day drugs rehab.

Robbie, 33, who was battling an addiction to prescription drugs, will continue to get counselling at his home in Los Angeles, his spokeswoman said.

He had been so desperate to get privacy for his cure that he had kept his location secret.

While it was believed he was in the Meadows centre, where model Kate Moss was treated for her cocaine habit, he is now understood to have been in the Cottonwood de Tucson clinic, also in Arizona.

Cottonwood is in a very secluded location in the desert.

His spokeswoman, Bryony Watts, confirmed: "Robbie Williams has completed treatment in Arizona and continues an after-care programme in LA."

It is understood Robbie was popping a cocktail of prescription anxiety and sleeping pills, including powerful Vicodin and Xanax, before he admitted himself to rehab.

Last night, he was relaxing at his mansion in the Hollywood Hills.

And friends revealed he had kept occupied in rehab by swotting up on trivia, reading quiz books and looking up amazing facts online.

One pal said counsellors at the clinic told Robbie, who enjoys games nights with friends, that keeping his mind active was the best way to combat his problems.

The friend added: "Everyone is now glad Rob is out of rehab and finally able to get on with his life."


Robbie William's End Of Rehab Party.
8th March 2007 08:01:01

Robbie William's End Of Rehab Party.... British pop hunk Robbie Williams celebrated his release from rehab by shopping and partying in Los Angeles.

The former Take That singer, 33, checked out of the The Meadows rehabilitation centre in Arizona on Tuesday (06Mar07) following a 21-day treatment for addiction to prescription pills.

Williams will continue to seek day treatment in Los Angeles, where he is staying with his mother Jan.

Following his release, Williams went shopping at department store Barneys in Beverly Hills, California before meeting some pals at Winston's nightclub.

His sister Sally says, "He felt uncomfortable staying in there (rehab) so he had to come out and is going to use another facility. There is a process that they go through and he hasn't completed all of the steps that they like you to do, so he is going to finish the work elsewhere.

"I think he is a lot better than he was but obviously he has not completed his course so he needs to continue. He is very serious about it."


Robbie Williams has celebrated checking out of rehab by partying.

The ‘Rudebox’ singer looked healthier than he had in months as he danced the
night away at Los Angeles’ Winston’s nightclub.

One clubber said: “Robbie was dancing for two hours straight. All the girls
were staring at him and he loved being the center of attention - even though
there were other A-listers there.”

Robbie, 33, returned to his Los Angeles mansion after leaving Arizona’s
Cottonwood de Tucson clinic on Tuesday (03.06.07).

The star - who had the word ‘LOVE’ inked on the knuckles of his right hand -
then headed straight to the exclusive Beverly Hills shopping district for
some retail therapy.

Robbie, who became hooked on anti-depressants, sleeping pills and caffeine,
checked into rehab on February 13 - his 33rd birthday.

He reportedly ignored medical advice and left his month-long program a
week early because he could not stand the strict regime.

The clinic - said to be one of the toughest in the US - makes patients share
rooms, wake up at 7am, eat in a basic cafeteria, and undergo intense group
and one-on-one therapy.

Robbie’s sister, Sally, said: “He felt very uncomfortable staying in there
so he is going to use another clinic.”

Robbie is currently being looked after by his mother Jan, who is a drink and
drugs counselor.



10 March 2007
John Mckie

ROBBIE Williams' mum Jan says her son has been suffering "a living hell". So he saw Take That's appearance on Dancing on Ice, too. This week, the bloke from Stoke walked out of rehab three weeks into a four-week stay. Last time he walked out of something early, Jason Orange was giving him the tin tack, so this is progress. Robbie's had the letters L-O-V-E tattooed on his fingers. What you didn't see is the G on his thumb to help him out. He also has an "S" on both big toes to go with letters O-C-K-S on the others.


Robbie Williams is writing new songs and feeling happier after completing his treatment for addiction to prescription drugs.The Potteries superstar checked himself out of the Cottonwood De Tucson rehab centre last week, saying the environment was making it difficult for him to progress.

But he has continued to receive treatment at his LA home with visits from a therapist who specialises in depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, co-dependency and trauma.

The singer is now nearing the final stages of a five-week programme he started on his 33rd birthday last month at the clinic, which is based in the Arizona desert.

His sister, Sally Williams, said: "He's doing all right. He's still continuing his therapy. It's an ongoing process and he's sticking to it.

"He's a lot brighter in himself, I think he's feeling a lot happier about his life. He's far more positive in his outlook.

"My mum has been with him. She says he's turned a corner and he's much better and more positive.

"We can't ask for much more than that."

As Robbie recovers from his dependency on prescription drugs, his latest single, She's Madonna - the third release from his album Rudebox - is at number 16 in the UK charts.

He is also in line to scoop a gong as best male artist in the Australian MTV awards, on April 29.

Sally added: "He hasn't got anything planned at the moment, but the most important thing is that he looks after himself.

"He doing a lot of writing, he's still very creative. I know he's been very productive with his writing.

"Robert plays guitar, he's self-taught, but he's very proficient. He does write with a guitar, and he'll play chords and work out the melody.

"He collaborates with other people on his writing, but he pretty much writes all his own lyrics."

Among those writing with Robbie are Stephen Duffy, Kelvin Andrews and Danny Spencer, from Stoke-on-Trent, who make up renowned dance act Soul Mekanik.

Robbie's mum Jan Williams is currently staying with her son in LA, but is due to fly back to North Staffordshire this week.

Robbie fan Chris Reeves, aged 55, of Hartshill, who herself beat an addiction to prescription drugs, said: "I can't put into words how pleased I am Robbie is feeling better. I'm ecstatic, I really am.

"I want the old Robbie back. All the money in the world doesn't make any difference, it is how you feel in yourself.

"I think it is harder for Robbie, because he is so much in the public eye.

"But I'm so pleased. He must be starting to feel like his old self, and I'm really pleased he's writing."



BLACK EYED PEAS singer FERGIE is convinced British pop star ROBBIE WILLIAMS will return "stronger" than ever following his recent stint in rehab. Fergie and Williams socialised together at a Los Angeles party last week (ends16MAR07). She says, "We've all faced our demons at some point. I feel I can relate to him. In this day and age it seems everyone is going crazy. "But Robbie is doing great. He's such a charmer. He'll come back stronger from all this. That boy knows how to pack out arenas." FEEL singer Williams completed a stay in an Arizona rehab clinic earlier this month (MAR07) to tackle his addictions to caffeine and prescription medicine.

Source : http://www.contactmusic.com